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Copper French Press here


Who needs an excuse to make margaritas?! I’ve never had any trouble coming up with one, but if you really need a reason, today is Cinco de Mayo! I started making these a few years back and they were a hit with mis amigas, and are SO easy, so I decided to share the love here. They key is gauging the heat level of when infusing the tequila…I like it HOT, so keep all the seeds, and let it sit for about 24 hrs. The fun part of these is the straining method…a French press! The process of French pressing your coffee is super fun and we decided to apply that to another fun beverage…tequila. Enjoy these responsibly and ¡Salud!



-Silver Tequila (we used Espolon)
-7 Cups Grapefruit Juice
-5 Large Jalapeños
-5 Limes (reserve one for garnish)
-1/3 Cup Honey
-1/3 Cup Filtered Water
-Margarita Salt

*Note: This process takes a couple of days…So plan your party accordingly!



To infuse the tequila: Wash and slice jalapeños, place half in French press. Pour half of the tequila over the jalapeños and cover with saran wrap, refrigerate remaining jalapeños. Leave mixture in French press on counter for at least 8 hours per batch…just remember the longer you let it set, the hotter it will get! When you are ready to strain tequila, place lid on French press and press down just like you would with coffee. Pour off tequila and place in freezer while you make the 2nd batch (we just used the original tequila bottle for storage).

To make the margaritas: Heat honey with water in a small sauce pot to create a simple syrup. Let cool. In a pitcher combine grapefruit juice, 2 1/2 cups of the tequila, and the juice of four limes. Stir together. Add in simple syrup and ice. Salt the rims of your favorite glasses and serve immediately.

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Baja Highlights

Fragrant plumeria
Entrance to our room
More tropical flowers
Fields of aloe vera (useful after a day in the sun!)
The digs
Ty catching a wave

Pina coladas

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hair collage

washes out

Hair Chalk-Urban Outfitters


We visited the Saguaro hotel in Palm Springs for a post-festival recovery. Relaxing by the pool and riding the cruisers** that the hotel provides around Palm Springs was just what the doctor ordered. We even ran into Rumi of Fashion Toast under the Marilyn Monroe statue. The hotel, renovated and redecorated by the famed Stamberg Aferiat  design firm to include fourteen vibrant colors seen in the local wildflowers around the Coachella Valley. We were immediately attracted to the look and vibe of the hotel, as well as the fact that they offer an extensive selection of tequilas. Staying here for a few days was enough to inspire me to chalk* my hair with a myriad of different colors in the weeks following our visit.

*I used Urban Outfitters hair chalk…you get 32 different colors in one $14 box, the best value I have found, over most other chalk sets.

**The hotel amenities include free cruiser rentals, daily yoga, and even a pet park!!!

***Check out other fun hotels by the Sydell group: Ace Hotel, and the Freehand 

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