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Copper French Press here


Who needs an excuse to make margaritas?! I’ve never had any trouble coming up with one, but if you really need a reason, today is Cinco de Mayo! I started making these a few years back and they were a hit with mis amigas, and are SO easy, so I decided to share the love here. They key is gauging the heat level of when infusing the tequila…I like it HOT, so keep all the seeds, and let it sit for about 24 hrs. The fun part of these is the straining method…a French press! The process of French pressing your coffee is super fun and we decided to apply that to another fun beverage…tequila. Enjoy these responsibly and ¡Salud!



-Silver Tequila (we used Espolon)
-7 Cups Grapefruit Juice
-5 Large Jalapeños
-5 Limes (reserve one for garnish)
-1/3 Cup Honey
-1/3 Cup Filtered Water
-Margarita Salt

*Note: This process takes a couple of days…So plan your party accordingly!



To infuse the tequila: Wash and slice jalapeños, place half in French press. Pour half of the tequila over the jalapeños and cover with saran wrap, refrigerate remaining jalapeños. Leave mixture in French press on counter for at least 8 hours per batch…just remember the longer you let it set, the hotter it will get! When you are ready to strain tequila, place lid on French press and press down just like you would with coffee. Pour off tequila and place in freezer while you make the 2nd batch (we just used the original tequila bottle for storage).

To make the margaritas: Heat honey with water in a small sauce pot to create a simple syrup. Let cool. In a pitcher combine grapefruit juice, 2 1/2 cups of the tequila, and the juice of four limes. Stir together. Add in simple syrup and ice. Salt the rims of your favorite glasses and serve immediately.

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Giveaway: Native Bear Hand-Stamped Notebooks

giveaway-nativebearil_570xN.485933335_jhlo il_570xN.515192459_l3ut il_570xN.500230577_lhij


Okay, how cool is Native Bear’s stuff??? Native Bear is a design company based out of Atlanta, GA created and operated by Leela Robinson (also lovingly nicknamed, ‘Bear’). All NB designs are inspired by natural elements and the desire to instill harmony and elegance throughout the home and everyday life. All stationery is made using recyclable card stock and kraft paper envelopes, and block printed using water based inks. I was initially attracted to her amazing hand carved return address stamps (like the teepee one listed above), but found out she uses her original designs to stamp cards, stationary, and notebooks as well. Most are Southwestern in influence, and all are beautiful. We are giving away two of her hand stamped Moleskine notebooks today. Please comment to enter, and make sure you check out her Facebook, and follow her on Instagram: nativebearatl Thanks Leela!!!

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Giveaway: Turquoise Spike Earrings


Turquoise Spike Earrings-Metrix Jewelry


Today were doing our second giveaway from Metrix Jewelry (you may remember this awesome triangle bracelet giveaway), a small Etsy shop run by Lisa. Everything is designed and handmade by her in Queens, New York. These handcrafted turquoise earrings are perfect everyday wear but edgy enough for a night on the town. Five turquoise spike beads are strung on large sterling silver hoops. I’d call them both bohemian and sophisticated statement pieces. This surprise Wednesday giveaway is kicking off our holiday giveaway season! Stay tuned for many more awesome handcrafted items to give and keep. Use the code NOVEMBER and take 20% off everything from Metrix Jewelry through the end of the month. To enter, just comment below!

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DIY: Indoor Succulent Hanger and Terrarium

DSC03653 tumblr_lqrzrtCEKV1qmu1fj DSC03661 tumblr_lqrzyzcFdp1qmu1fj DSC03656 tumblr_lqs001U49G1qmu1fj

An older project that is just too good not to share on Go for the Gusto. I love the idea of indoor plants contributing fresh air and creating a relaxing environment in the home. Now that we are getting into the colder weather (first snow last night in Taos Ski Valley!) and the greenery around us is fading fast, why not create your own foliage filled room. I love my hanging succulents, they add a bit of whimsy to any room, and are completely low maintenance…like water once a week. (p.s. this entire project costs only 30 dollars!)


Assorted Succulents (about 8)
Soil (4 cups)
Smooth Gravel (2 cups)
Mason Jars (4)
Shallow Glass Terrarium Bowl
Bailing Wire
Dowel (3/4 inch)
Needle Nose Pliers
Tea Cup Hanging Hooks (3)


For the hanger, fashion four loops of bailing wire around the bottom of the lip of a mason jar, using the needle nose pliers to create a secure closure. Measure eight wires to attach to the mason jar loops, attach using the pliers in the same way as the loop closure. Twist and loop each of the eight wires around dowel, so the jars are suspended evenly from the dowel.

Fill both mason jars and bowl with about 1 inch of gravel, then layer 1 inch of soil on top of that. Remove succulents from cups and gently loosen roots. Add one succulent to each jar, and four spaced out in the terrarium. Cover with 1-2 more inches of soil, until succulents are secure. Twist screw part of hook hangers into the ceiling where you would like your hanger to be (make sure they are evenly spaced, one hook to support the middle) facing hook side toward you. Place dowel with succulents onto the hooks and enjoy your new indoor plants!

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Moto Chic

Donegal Beanie-Alexander Wang, Peakin Cuff-The 2 Bandits, Soft Touch Eyeliner-Nars, Mirrored Aviators-Ray Ban, Bobby Dazzler Polish-Butter London, Pitch Leather Biker Jacket-All Saints, Hudson Moto Crossbody-Rebecca Minkoff, Ankle Boot-Anine Bing, Spiked Iphone Case-Felony Case, The Moto Skinny Jeans-Current Elliot

Strap on your boots ladies its that time of year, leather weather is upon us. Ive already swapped my shorts and tanks for skinny jeans, scarves, sweaters, and, LEATHER. I dont know what it is about the material, but putting on a leather jacket makes me feel like an automatic badass. Add some quilting and its even cooler. The thing about anything black and leather, is its versatility. It will never go out of style. Ever. Mix in some grays like this awesome Alexander Wang cashmere beanie (also a classic), a pair of moto skinnys, and youre ready to hit the town…or the road.

***Some pics of my amiga Ash on her road excursions…the embodiment of moto chic.

Listen: Reflektor-Arcade Fire

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Green Chile Rajas with Feta

IMG_7745IMG_7751IMG_7756IMG_7815IMG_7760IMG_7764 IMG_7768


The weather is cooling down, and the smell of roasted chile fills the New Mexico air. Green chile is plentiful this time of year, and I am brainstorming of all the ways our stockpile can be used. Besides the usual green chile sauce, we plan to make green chile vegetable soup, green chile vinaigrette, as well as tempura fried green chile. The term “rajas” refers to chile peppers in the form of a strip. This raja salad is a great appetizer, that uses minimal ingredients, and really highlights the pepper’s flavor. Green chile is bold in flavor, with slight hints of smokiness from the roasting, and caters to every taste bud when you select mild, medium, or hot depending on your dinner guests. The possiblities are endless really, we recently sampled green chile ice cream at Sweet Action in Denver!


Roasted Green Chile-3 large
Feta-1/4 cup
Olive Oil-1 tbsp


Start by prepping chiles: removing skin, seeds, and stems. Slice chiles lengthwise into strips. Cut baguette on an angle for toasts, arrange on a baking sheet, drizzle with olive oil. Toast in the oven at 300 for about 7 minutes per side. On a platter, arrange chiles into whatever formation you choose. I wound the rajas together in the middle, to show off the cool pattern on this plate. Sprinkle with feta, salt and pepper, drizzle with olive oil, and a squeeze of lime. Garnish with slices of lime, and serve with toasts.

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