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Giveaway: Mason Cold Brew

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It’s no secret. I LOVE COFFEE (love is an understatement), It’s really difficult for me to put into words my affinity for said caffeinated beverage. I’m excited to announce a giveaway in conjunction with Mason Coffee this week! When I  find something I love I stick with it, and Mason Cold Brew Coffee has become a favorite of mine. This refreshing coffee is the brainchild of Anna and Elijah Senn, born and brewed right here in the city of Angels. Mason Cold Brew is served in it’s namesake jar, making it recyclable and totally reusable.  Whats in it you ask? Only three ingredients; filtered water, light roasted Ethiopian coffee beans, and mint leaves/vanilla bean/or lavender buds, for their subsequent flavored cold brews. The beauty of this individually packaged cold brew? It’s lack of sweetener. I’m super picky about my coffee preferring it with just a hint of sweet, and I find most bottled coffee unplatably sugary, with an egregious amount of additives. Mason is simple, and allows you to customize your own cup (or jar) of coffee, and I appreciate that. Served at the likes of; Ashland and Hill, Make Out Everyday Cafe, Simons Market on Rose and more. Make the switch and taste the difference here. Comment below to win a sample pack of all the Mason flavors delivered right to your doorstep! Three winners will be chosen and notified on May 2nd. Good Luck!

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Natural Products Swap

natural products 3


       I think that even a small change is a valiant effort in taking control of your own physical health. In this day and age where the emphasis is on easy/fast/cheap, health can often take a backseat to work, kids, social interaction…you name it. I don’t want to preach and by no means think I am a health expert, but most of my life has been spent in cities that  are probably the most health conscious environments in the country. Just by osmosis I feel like I’ve picked up so much information about new, healthier, products and techniques that can make a huge difference in your health and well being.  If a health overhaul seems daunting (and expensive), and you don’t know where to start, pick one thing and stick to it. You can slowly add less toxic products to your routine going forward. For example, three years ago I stopped using conventional, store bought, and completely TOXIC deodorant. I’ve probably tried most of the aisle of natural deodorants in Whole Foods, most of which had little to no effect for me personally, and I’ve heard time and time again from others, that they have felt the same way. After trying and tossing most of the natural deodorant sticks I bought, I tried the crystal. This product apparently has some sort of negative “hippie” stigma.  Every time one of my girl friends saw it in my travel bag, or if a guest saw it in my medicine cabinet, they would give me a strange look and comment on it saying something like “thats for crunchy granola eaters.” Well guess what people…IT WORKS, and I’ve found that in conjunction with a natural spray deodorant (the crystal needs a wetting agent, such as water) this miracle combo lasts all day. My absolute favorite spray deodorant is from Aesop and contains refreshing vetiver, which adds a double dose of protection.

Enough about deodorant. Facial cleansers and scrubs are another crucial part of the everyday routine. The objective for cleaning your face is to remove dirt, grime, pollution…not add to it! Most all grocery store brands have harsh chemicals and parabens that can add to problems like breakouts and damaged skin. I love using  organic brands like Eminence, but these products can add up and break the bank. Simple homemade face scrub can be used with just baking soda and water. This mixture is super alkaline and after using it for even a few days, you will notice a balance in your skin. Put a few tablespoons of baking soda in a small mason jar, and add a pour spot top for an easy dispenser. Add a few shakes to wet hands and scrub. Use twice a day for best results. Easy.

Anything you rub, brush, paint, or spray on your body goes INTO your body. I try and think about this beyond just the lotions and cleansers that I use. Fragrance can deliver a potent spritz of chemicals and preservatives which can in turn cause rashes and allergic reactions. I have super sensitive skin and have started using essential oils as fragrance almost exclusively. There are a few exceptions to this, my favorite being Le Labo. This company’s fragrances are completely organic and natural. The “fragrance life” of Le Labo is what may have made this company so popular. The oils in the perfume linger for days, and changes in a lovely way as the hours roll on. They have an awesome program where you can purchase samples that contain a few days worth of fragrance to make sure you love it before you take the plunge. These perfumes are pricey but a bottle will undoubtedly last you a year or longer…and the best part is  you don’t have to feel bad spraying it on your body!

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Case of the Mondays


Playin’ Hooky Tank-Mate the Label | Photo Ready Jeans-J Brand | Notebook-Moleskine| Le Pen-Marvy | Agave Lip Treatment-Bite Beauty | Rebel Dslr-Canon | Baies Candle-Diptyque | MacBook Air-Apple | Arizona Sandal-Birkenstock | Licorice Nail Color-Essie

Everything here explains what I would like today. Coffee, minimalism, comfy shoes, blogging, candles, sushi. Alas, I am a working girl now, and its Monday…so thats a no-go. The good news? Vacation is on the horizon…I leave for a week in Colorado this Saturday. Summer Red Rocks shows are calling my name. Flume, Cut Copy Chromeo=dancing all night. I just have to get through this week. Stay tuned for updates…

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Things We Love: Shrooms

29083599_095_m229083599_095_bcharlotte-olympia-redwhite-mushroom-pandora-perspex-clutch-product-1-11199358-899861247_large_flexwit771n85_nyc_4 5a9f3dbbfe333a3e7e240224adb3df6ail_570xN.268321584

Mushroom Forest Wallpaper-Anthropologie, Mushroom Clutch-Charlotte Olympia, Magic Mushroom Hoodie-Wildfox, Mushroom Measuring Spoons-Anthropologie, Mushroom Dish-Laurel Begley

‘Tis the season for mushroom hunting…and wearing.

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Giveaway: Winsome & Green



An amazing Etsy find, Winsome & Green, is a “One woman bath and and beauty works operation.” Christa’s store caught my eye with her lovely natural products that include essential oils, botanicals, and infused oils, and her simple but beautiful packaging. I immediately thought any Winsome & Green item would be a perfect gift (especially the survival kits!).  Christa says that she “Can’t help but be inspired by the world around me. My family lives on the edge of the forest in a sleepy town in Kentucky. Plants, trees, bird songs and woodland scents keep me in touch with nature and history.” We are giving away both a personal care kit (which includes meadow blend deodorant, peppermint and spice tooth powder, and lemongrass soap sticks) , and a set of 3 lip scrubs (shown above). To enter: like Winsome & Green’s facebook page here, and leave your email in the comment section in this post.  Be sure to check out Winsome & Green’s lovely Etsy store here.

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Giveaway: Herbivore Botanicals


Minerals and Seaweed Bath Soak, Pink Clay Exfoliating Facial Mask, Blood Orange Lip Butter, Hair and Body Sea Mist, After Sun Soothing Mist, Renew Dead Sea Bath Salts, 12:1 Healing Salve, Bamboo Charcoal Handcrafted Soap


We’re so excited to announce that this weeks giveaway is from amazing Herbivore Botanicals! We are giving away their Bamboo Charcoal tea tree+lavender bar soap. Julia and Alex  produce amazing 100% natural skin+body care using plants and essentials oils, not to mention their products come in beautifully thought out packaging.  My favorite is the pink clay exfoliating facial mask.  Visit their Etsy shop here, they are also available at Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie stores!!! Their Etsy shop is definitely first on my list for Christmas giving this year. Comment with your email below for your chance to win.

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Trader Joes coconut oil & Wildfox tee


energy balls

Uses for coconut oil:


Skin moizturizer

Makeup remover

Cooking oil

Massage oil

Energy supplement

Hair conditioner

Tanning oil (SPF 4)

D.I.Y. Tips:

•Mix it with sugar for a natural exfoliant.

•Use it as a binding agent for energy balls-add whatever superfoods you like (ground almond, gogi, cacao, cinnamon etc.).

•We like to eat it with banana chips!!!

Im obsessed with coconut oil to say the least. I’ve been using it for everything under the sun lately. Whether its cooking or laying on the beach, I can always find a use for it. The most recent discovery is using it for eye makeup remover. Its natural  antibacterial & antioxidant  properties can rid your digestive tract of parasites, and clear your skin of pretty much anything (dryness, excema, rashes). Slather it on! Eat it up! Whatever you use it for you cant go wrong, so get creative!!! Read more about the benefits here

Listen: Sun & Sand Playlist 

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