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“S” Hook-Anthropologie | Faux Deer Head-Etsy |  Monogram Mugs-Anthropologie | Demi Kettle-Le Creuset | Cheery Wood Salad Bowl-Williams Sonoma | Farmers Market Basket-Anthropologie | Zig Zag Pouf-Target | Volcano Constellation Candle-Capri Blue | Faux Cowhide-Ikea | Fir & Firewood Candle-Capri Blue | Portable USB Vinyl Record Player-Crosley | Woven Leather Rug (Similar here)


Truth be told, this is my first apartment. Most of my post-college living situations have been house rentals, and I wasn’t about to give up that trend when moving to LA. “Apartments” seemed so foreign to me, especially spending my childhood in New Mexico, and College years in Colorado, where apartment housing is few and far between. Moving out West, I had my mind set on a perfect casita, small but charming. Lemon trees, a fenced in yard, wood floors, a bathtub, and most importantly, a gas cook stove. Oh, did I mention pet friendly? Yes. This was a lot to ask. We researched and toured a dozen guest houses/casitas/micro cottages…you name it. Every place we went to was either completely against dogs or cats (or both), had smelly carpet, or crazy landlords. We were at the end of our rope. Luckily, the place we now reside in (the last place we looked at),  happened to be an apartment. Wood floors, yes. Bathtub, yes. Gas range, yes. Pet friendly, YES! No lemon trees, no front yard, but it will do. Im in love with our little home that we’ve spent the past few months sprucing up. In this time  I’ve learned that there are so many little details you can add to a space to make it your own.

1. A Piece of Home-A dreamcatcher over the bed is reminescent of my room in New Mexico

2. Kitchen Details-Hang monogram mugs via super simple and non-damaging screw in hooks

3. Pet Supplies-Hooks installed next to the front door keep leashes out of the way, but ready for use

4. Wall Art-Fun pieces can liven up any living space,  I love my faux deer that doubles as a jewelry hanger

5. Living Room- Cozy it up with candles, and a variety of seating- we love these square seat poufs

6. Desk Essentials-An inviting desk, invites efficiency. Organize with post-it notes that are too cute to hide, and add seasonal deco

7. Music-A record player partnered with vinyls displayed next to it will keep the tunes spinning and your treasured music collection dust free

8. A puppy makes everything better

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1) Fleece Lined Thigh Highs-Plush 2)Everyday Tank-Rebecca Taylor 3)The Moto Sweatpants-Current Elliot 4)Fleece Lined Arm Warmers-Plush 5)Australian Sheepskin Rug-Overland 6)Arugula Soy Candle-Archipelago 7)Cutout Soft Cup Bra-Lonely Hearts 8)Dark Wave Fragrance-Olo


On a day to day basis, and in anything I do, I strive to be cozy. Seriously. Cozy to me is comfortable, warm, and happy. If this means that I have to pack (and schlep) an extra bag of clothes to change into, or a sweater to throw over an outfit for warmth, I’ll most definitely do it. I mean, if you’re comfortable, you’re happier and more productive, hence my addiction to cozy loungewear. I probably spend more on comfy lounge clothes than actual clothes, you can ask my roommates. I dont think I bought a pair of jeans for three years, just survived on some sort of stretchy black bottoms that maybe included a zipper detail to make them look alot less like pajamas when I threw on platforms and wore them to the bar. Since today is officially the second day of fall, and in honor of my addiction, I’ve compiled a few of my ideal comfy items. I love these fleece lined thigh highs (that double as boot socks), and arm warmers by Plush…plus they are a great price point. My most favorite candle, Arugula by Archipelago, its fresh, unobtrusive, and made of soy so its clean burning. Home by Stone Cold Fox, satiates my need for elegant yet comfy bedding and is both simple and feminine.

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No Place Like Home:

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Horchata ice cream from the Love Apple, leaving the windows open and building a small fire on a rainy summer night, Indian horses in our pasture (especially this one with a beautiful stripe down his back), rainbows in our pasture, roasting green chile, being closer to my little bro, prickly pear margs from El Camino…these are just a few things that I love about Taos. The beauty here is undeniable and I feel more inspired here than any other place in the world (besides Rome). Number six is especially important to me. On a personal note, Sam is probably the best brother that ever existed, and we are best friends. I am beyond excited to drive down to Santa fe tomorrow to see his band Jupiter Spiral play Santa Fe Plaza Live. We plan on staying at a historic hotel on Route 66 (post soon come) and I plan on enjoying my first cocktail in a month (which will be a margarita) at the La Fonda hotel before the band plays. It truly is the Land of Enchantment.

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