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Wanted to share something positive today, as it has been somewhat of a somber week. Music is the great uniter, and I know the right tune can make my mood do a quick 180. This playlist was made in Bali, adding as our adventure went along. The vibe is surf-y, mellow, mid tempo songs, with worldwide influence. Please enjoy …and remember to spread the positive vibes ❤

Alina Baraz-Fantasy


Shamanic Dub-Ayahuasca

Birdy-Skinny Love

Crayon-Give You Up (Darius Remix)

Prince Lincoln-Bell Rock

Kungs-Don’t You Know

Dune-Blue Window

Fania All Stars-Peanuts

Overjoy-Like a Wave

Stick Figure-Fire On the Horizon

Los Cafres-Barrilete

Listen Here

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Color Study-Bottle Green

bottle green 1bottlegrnfinal
1)Billionaire Nail Polish-Deborah Lippmann 2)Skull Print Silk Scarf-Alexander McQueen 3)Fold Over Python Clutch-Primary   4)On the Green Motorcycle Jacket-Muubaa 5)Aleka Skinny Jean-Iro


Kermit the frog once said, “Its not that easy being green,”  and even though I love that little tune, I have to kindly disagree.   There are so many facets of the color, teal, sea, kelly, forest, army, emerald, celedon, olive etc.  Green is such a natural earthy hue that its hard not to recognize it in the fields, foliage, signs of growth, and call it divine. If I had to choose, green would be my answer to the age old favorite color question. Military green seemed to be last falls “it” color, but this season were seeing more and more of this beautiful bottle green. Bottle green is that in between of forest and emerald green, likened to its vintage green bottle counterparts. Im loving colored leather, and this Muubaa “bottle green” colored jacket is such a beautiful shade, it has inspired me to search for other similarly colored pieces. This shade adds interest to any outfit, but it would’t be a stretch to say a jacket, or clutch, this color would be a forever classic piece.

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Cannabis Juice





Necklace and tunic-Free People


Juicing and superfoods… #trendy. It seems like every product on the shelves lately contains gogi/maca/coconut/hemp/chia etc. Here to tell ya, this is no different. I have to admit I’ve jumped on the bandwagon, and why not?? These antioxidant rich foods are big nutrition  in a small package. Not to mention the fact that they are delicious! Weve been making acai bowls with bee pollen, hemp/almond/coconut oil/chocolate energy bars, as well as using coconut oil for EVERYTHING (post on this soon). The latest venture is in juicing fresh cannabis leaves. The result? A fresh, grassy, super “shot” thats loaded with powerful nourishment. *Dont worry, the juice is not psychoactive, so you wont feel the affects of other intake methods like smoking or edibles.  ¡Solamente saludable!

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