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Natural Products Swap

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       I think that even a small change is a valiant effort in taking control of your own physical health. In this day and age where the emphasis is on easy/fast/cheap, health can often take a backseat to work, kids, social interaction…you name it. I don’t want to preach and by no means think I am a health expert, but most of my life has been spent in cities that  are probably the most health conscious environments in the country. Just by osmosis I feel like I’ve picked up so much information about new, healthier, products and techniques that can make a huge difference in your health and well being.  If a health overhaul seems daunting (and expensive), and you don’t know where to start, pick one thing and stick to it. You can slowly add less toxic products to your routine going forward. For example, three years ago I stopped using conventional, store bought, and completely TOXIC deodorant. I’ve probably tried most of the aisle of natural deodorants in Whole Foods, most of which had little to no effect for me personally, and I’ve heard time and time again from others, that they have felt the same way. After trying and tossing most of the natural deodorant sticks I bought, I tried the crystal. This product apparently has some sort of negative “hippie” stigma.  Every time one of my girl friends saw it in my travel bag, or if a guest saw it in my medicine cabinet, they would give me a strange look and comment on it saying something like “thats for crunchy granola eaters.” Well guess what people…IT WORKS, and I’ve found that in conjunction with a natural spray deodorant (the crystal needs a wetting agent, such as water) this miracle combo lasts all day. My absolute favorite spray deodorant is from Aesop and contains refreshing vetiver, which adds a double dose of protection.

Enough about deodorant. Facial cleansers and scrubs are another crucial part of the everyday routine. The objective for cleaning your face is to remove dirt, grime, pollution…not add to it! Most all grocery store brands have harsh chemicals and parabens that can add to problems like breakouts and damaged skin. I love using  organic brands like Eminence, but these products can add up and break the bank. Simple homemade face scrub can be used with just baking soda and water. This mixture is super alkaline and after using it for even a few days, you will notice a balance in your skin. Put a few tablespoons of baking soda in a small mason jar, and add a pour spot top for an easy dispenser. Add a few shakes to wet hands and scrub. Use twice a day for best results. Easy.

Anything you rub, brush, paint, or spray on your body goes INTO your body. I try and think about this beyond just the lotions and cleansers that I use. Fragrance can deliver a potent spritz of chemicals and preservatives which can in turn cause rashes and allergic reactions. I have super sensitive skin and have started using essential oils as fragrance almost exclusively. There are a few exceptions to this, my favorite being Le Labo. This company’s fragrances are completely organic and natural. The “fragrance life” of Le Labo is what may have made this company so popular. The oils in the perfume linger for days, and changes in a lovely way as the hours roll on. They have an awesome program where you can purchase samples that contain a few days worth of fragrance to make sure you love it before you take the plunge. These perfumes are pricey but a bottle will undoubtedly last you a year or longer…and the best part is  you don’t have to feel bad spraying it on your body!

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Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

stockingsfinal                      1.Santiago Huckleberry Travel Candle-Voluspa 2.Honey Roller Ball Fragrance-Marc Jacobs 3.Whiskey Rocks-Uncommon Goods 4.Rock and Roll Mini Duet-Deborah Lippmann 5.1oz Essential Kit-Malin and Goetz 6.Coal Bubble Gum-Paper Source 7.Triangle Washi Tape-Chamby and Cor 8.Deer Stud Earrings-Julies Jewelry Store


Stocking stuffers are my favorite part of Christmas morning. Fun little gifts packed in along side an array of different candies (chocolate orange is a must!) are personally, much more exciting than the bigger items. I loved receiving different beauty items (nail polish, chapstick, etc) as well as nick nacks, and would always save my stocking for last. Here are a few ideas for the older stocking owner on your list. Most are affordable, coming in under $25. You can never go wrong with a mini candle, these are great for travel, bathroom, and office. A roller ball of your loved ones favorite fragrance is perfect for purse and car, or try a new scent to avoid buying a full bottle of something they may not love. Whiskey rocks are a great Dad gift, and don’t necessarily have to be used for alcoholic beverages. This Deborah Lippmann mini gift set is so cute for the jetsetter girlfriend (and when the polish is all used up, they can re-purpose the bag for jewelry, change, etc). With awesome scents like bergamot body cleanser and cilantro conditioner, this Malin and Goetz 1oz essential kit is ideal for a man on the go, and fits snugly in a standard sized dopp kit (see guys gift guide). “Coal” gum is a funny addition, and can even be used as a hint. Get creative with your stuffers, and have some fun shopping for gifts this year!

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Giveaway: OLO Fragrance

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This weeks giveaway is the fragrance “Lightning Paw” by OLO. OLO is a small line based in Portland Oregon, developed  and hand blended by perfumer Heather Sielaff. OLO Fragrance contains only a few ingredients including fractionated coconut oil, essential oils, key accords and absolutes. Heather was kind enough to send over a sample kit complete with every fragrance OLO has to offer, so I could choose the perfect scent for todays giveaway. After much deliberation, it came down to two scents; Foret and Lightning Paw. Lightning Paw was the eventual winner, described as “free-spirited and feminine without even trying to be, a reflection of her,” and that it is. Hints of bergamot, jasmine, patchouli, vanilla blend together in harmony, and leave sillage that is to be desired. Comment to win, and check out OLO’s site here

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