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New Year… New Room



Black Two Pelt Sheepskin Rug | Gold Dino Planter | Basic Black Bath Towels | Peyote Poem Candle | Cat Grass | Quartz Cluster Box | Bertoia Reproduction Chair | Good Vibes Throw Pillow | Dreaux Metal Stacking Chair | Faux Mongolian Sheepskin Throw | Dennis Hopper Drugstore Camera Hardback

I’m all for a good deep house clean, and in our house this usually comes around twice a year.  Our big spring cleaning was in May when we moved, so it was about time to bite the bullet and start a winter purge. Most times during the deep cleaning process, things seem to get way worse before they get any better. I pull out all furniture, and pull up all rugs, dust, sweep, mop, and finally, rearrange. Rearranging is key, adds a fresh energy to our space, and lets us figure out more efficient ways of storage. This time it was; wire baskets that slide in and out under our entrance way bench that store small accessories perfectly, and a  hook to hang our large wicker laundry basket near the ceiling because its bulky and awkwardly shaped. I purchased a couple of fur throws (one for the bed, one for the metal chair) for a more cozy, and less harsh feel thats ideal for the winter months. Throw pillows are probably the easiest way to instantly spruce up any room. Written mantras like this “Good Vibes” pillow from Urban, perpetuate the words they display.  I love the feel of a minimalistic design, although my tendency is to collect odd and ends, knick knacks, trinkets, coins, shells, flowers (you name it) that end up in the form of multiple “altars” around the house. I have to force myself to throw things out, re-purpose them, or give them away. I’ve vowed to keep one small side table in the house where I can display those items, and keep them contained in one area. I’ve also adopted a “one in one out” policy for clothes. This has worked out rather well for my wardrobe, pairing down my closet and compelling me to buy only staple items that are classic and durable. In the vein of minimalism, my color story (or lack thereof) usually consists of white, black, and pops of metallics, along with hanging plants, or table top succulents. Any earthen items such as crystals as well as hanging plants or tabletop succulents brighten the space and naturally clean the air, while providing an organic and inviting vibe.

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Things We Love: Shrooms

29083599_095_m229083599_095_bcharlotte-olympia-redwhite-mushroom-pandora-perspex-clutch-product-1-11199358-899861247_large_flexwit771n85_nyc_4 5a9f3dbbfe333a3e7e240224adb3df6ail_570xN.268321584

Mushroom Forest Wallpaper-Anthropologie, Mushroom Clutch-Charlotte Olympia, Magic Mushroom Hoodie-Wildfox, Mushroom Measuring Spoons-Anthropologie, Mushroom Dish-Laurel Begley

‘Tis the season for mushroom hunting…and wearing.

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1) Fleece Lined Thigh Highs-Plush 2)Everyday Tank-Rebecca Taylor 3)The Moto Sweatpants-Current Elliot 4)Fleece Lined Arm Warmers-Plush 5)Australian Sheepskin Rug-Overland 6)Arugula Soy Candle-Archipelago 7)Cutout Soft Cup Bra-Lonely Hearts 8)Dark Wave Fragrance-Olo


On a day to day basis, and in anything I do, I strive to be cozy. Seriously. Cozy to me is comfortable, warm, and happy. If this means that I have to pack (and schlep) an extra bag of clothes to change into, or a sweater to throw over an outfit for warmth, I’ll most definitely do it. I mean, if you’re comfortable, you’re happier and more productive, hence my addiction to cozy loungewear. I probably spend more on comfy lounge clothes than actual clothes, you can ask my roommates. I dont think I bought a pair of jeans for three years, just survived on some sort of stretchy black bottoms that maybe included a zipper detail to make them look alot less like pajamas when I threw on platforms and wore them to the bar. Since today is officially the second day of fall, and in honor of my addiction, I’ve compiled a few of my ideal comfy items. I love these fleece lined thigh highs (that double as boot socks), and arm warmers by Plush…plus they are a great price point. My most favorite candle, Arugula by Archipelago, its fresh, unobtrusive, and made of soy so its clean burning. Home by Stone Cold Fox, satiates my need for elegant yet comfy bedding and is both simple and feminine.

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DIY: Indoor Succulent Hanger and Terrarium

DSC03653 tumblr_lqrzrtCEKV1qmu1fj DSC03661 tumblr_lqrzyzcFdp1qmu1fj DSC03656 tumblr_lqs001U49G1qmu1fj

An older project that is just too good not to share on Go for the Gusto. I love the idea of indoor plants contributing fresh air and creating a relaxing environment in the home. Now that we are getting into the colder weather (first snow last night in Taos Ski Valley!) and the greenery around us is fading fast, why not create your own foliage filled room. I love my hanging succulents, they add a bit of whimsy to any room, and are completely low maintenance…like water once a week. (p.s. this entire project costs only 30 dollars!)


Assorted Succulents (about 8)
Soil (4 cups)
Smooth Gravel (2 cups)
Mason Jars (4)
Shallow Glass Terrarium Bowl
Bailing Wire
Dowel (3/4 inch)
Needle Nose Pliers
Tea Cup Hanging Hooks (3)


For the hanger, fashion four loops of bailing wire around the bottom of the lip of a mason jar, using the needle nose pliers to create a secure closure. Measure eight wires to attach to the mason jar loops, attach using the pliers in the same way as the loop closure. Twist and loop each of the eight wires around dowel, so the jars are suspended evenly from the dowel.

Fill both mason jars and bowl with about 1 inch of gravel, then layer 1 inch of soil on top of that. Remove succulents from cups and gently loosen roots. Add one succulent to each jar, and four spaced out in the terrarium. Cover with 1-2 more inches of soil, until succulents are secure. Twist screw part of hook hangers into the ceiling where you would like your hanger to be (make sure they are evenly spaced, one hook to support the middle) facing hook side toward you. Place dowel with succulents onto the hooks and enjoy your new indoor plants!

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