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Copper French Press here


Who needs an excuse to make margaritas?! I’ve never had any trouble coming up with one, but if you really need a reason, today is Cinco de Mayo! I started making these a few years back and they were a hit with mis amigas, and are SO easy, so I decided to share the love here. They key is gauging the heat level of when infusing the tequila…I like it HOT, so keep all the seeds, and let it sit for about 24 hrs. The fun part of these is the straining method…a French press! The process of French pressing your coffee is super fun and we decided to apply that to another fun beverage…tequila. Enjoy these responsibly and ¡Salud!



-Silver Tequila (we used Espolon)
-7 Cups Grapefruit Juice
-5 Large Jalapeños
-5 Limes (reserve one for garnish)
-1/3 Cup Honey
-1/3 Cup Filtered Water
-Margarita Salt

*Note: This process takes a couple of days…So plan your party accordingly!



To infuse the tequila: Wash and slice jalapeños, place half in French press. Pour half of the tequila over the jalapeños and cover with saran wrap, refrigerate remaining jalapeños. Leave mixture in French press on counter for at least 8 hours per batch…just remember the longer you let it set, the hotter it will get! When you are ready to strain tequila, place lid on French press and press down just like you would with coffee. Pour off tequila and place in freezer while you make the 2nd batch (we just used the original tequila bottle for storage).

To make the margaritas: Heat honey with water in a small sauce pot to create a simple syrup. Let cool. In a pitcher combine grapefruit juice, 2 1/2 cups of the tequila, and the juice of four limes. Stir together. Add in simple syrup and ice. Salt the rims of your favorite glasses and serve immediately.

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Giveaway: Mason Cold Brew

24d9e8ee-e5e9-4bbb-91cd-ef44b0a4482a  MASON 1ccaafc83-202a-407f-997d-9c5ab5440d10


It’s no secret. I LOVE COFFEE (love is an understatement), It’s really difficult for me to put into words my affinity for said caffeinated beverage. I’m excited to announce a giveaway in conjunction with Mason Coffee this week! When I  find something I love I stick with it, and Mason Cold Brew Coffee has become a favorite of mine. This refreshing coffee is the brainchild of Anna and Elijah Senn, born and brewed right here in the city of Angels. Mason Cold Brew is served in it’s namesake jar, making it recyclable and totally reusable.  Whats in it you ask? Only three ingredients; filtered water, light roasted Ethiopian coffee beans, and mint leaves/vanilla bean/or lavender buds, for their subsequent flavored cold brews. The beauty of this individually packaged cold brew? It’s lack of sweetener. I’m super picky about my coffee preferring it with just a hint of sweet, and I find most bottled coffee unplatably sugary, with an egregious amount of additives. Mason is simple, and allows you to customize your own cup (or jar) of coffee, and I appreciate that. Served at the likes of; Ashland and Hill, Make Out Everyday Cafe, Simons Market on Rose and more. Make the switch and taste the difference here. Comment below to win a sample pack of all the Mason flavors delivered right to your doorstep! Three winners will be chosen and notified on May 2nd. Good Luck!

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Juice Cleanse Recap

image (2)moon juice final final

 Moon Juice | Moon Milk | Moon Juice Pantry | Zenbunni Chocolate


Ok so it’s been two days since we finished “the cleanse,” and I’m feeling pretty damn good. I feel LIGHT. I’m energized. I feel like I’ve completed a goal, so if nothing else it’s boosted my self-confidence lol. But really, my body has had five days to reset itself, and it shows, but before we get down to results, I’ll give you the rundown of each day. Day one was well, not amazing. On the first day you’re coming to terms with the fact that you wont be eating for the next five days, so it’s really the most mental day. You’re coming down off the holidays, which is like the heroin of drugs am I right? You have to switch off your brain a little, stop looking in the fridge, and god forbid read the new issue of Bon Appetit. It’s time to be quiet. Read, drink tea, sit in the sun, contemplate, and internalize WHY you are really doing this. It’s going to help your body, it’s going to reset your metabolism, and it’s the mecca of willpower tests. Day two rolls around..Alright! We made it through one day, four more to go. This day isn’t fun. It’s hard. You might have a headache (which is totally normal), you may feel cold, and yes, you’re hungry, but you make it through. Day two and three are definitely the hardest. It’s day three…you are HANGRY. All of your wildest inner fat child cravings emerge. Pasta, pizza, something with a creamy dressing, oh maybe some sugar (remember this cleanse is basically sugar-free), and COFFEE. Give me my coffee. I always crave coffee the most on a cleanse. Let me tell you, if you can make it through three days of any cleanse, you can make it to 10 on the master-cleanse. THE FIRST THREE DAYS SUCK. But you know what? It’s all down hill from there. Day four-alright! You can do this. Feeling pretty good that you’re over the hump. Only today and tomorrow. Headache is gone, and your mind is clearing from the fog. Day five…success! So the results: I feel no bloat. Like I said, I feel lighter, I haven’t weighed myself, but everything feels just a little looser. Under eye circles, where have they gone?? Skin looks preeeeety good! One thing that was new for me on this cleanse was my nails. My nails have no more transparent spots where the white begans. They are white and feel STRONG. This must have been from all the chard and kale we drank. 20 lbs of veggies and nuts a day…that adds up to a total of 100 lbs for the entire cleanse. No wonder I’m feeling like super woman. SO,  now that its over, we’ve been really successful in not gorging ourselves on whatever we were dreaming about mid-cleanse. We made a huge pot of veggie soup, and have lots of things  to snack on around the house (organic peanut butter, nuts, rice cakes, apples). We are continuing the “dry-January” thing as well, so no wine here. I also really advocate for drinking a ton of tea. Green, Kukicha (really savory and satisfying), and Yogi Detox tea are some of my faves. I usually drink them without any added sweetener, but sometimes at night if Im craving dessert, I’ll add honey and coconut creamer. I have to say, I enjoyed Moon Juice’s green cleanse regimen, and I’ve loved Moon Juice since we moved to Venice. They have so many other juices, snacks, and pantry items that keep me coming back for more. I definitely recommend this to anyone, and if you aren’t in LA, then create your own juice cleanse regimen, its the best 5 days you can give your body.

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Case of the Mondays


Playin’ Hooky Tank-Mate the Label | Photo Ready Jeans-J Brand | Notebook-Moleskine| Le Pen-Marvy | Agave Lip Treatment-Bite Beauty | Rebel Dslr-Canon | Baies Candle-Diptyque | MacBook Air-Apple | Arizona Sandal-Birkenstock | Licorice Nail Color-Essie

Everything here explains what I would like today. Coffee, minimalism, comfy shoes, blogging, candles, sushi. Alas, I am a working girl now, and its Monday…so thats a no-go. The good news? Vacation is on the horizon…I leave for a week in Colorado this Saturday. Summer Red Rocks shows are calling my name. Flume, Cut Copy Chromeo=dancing all night. I just have to get through this week. Stay tuned for updates…

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Fall Booties

Clockwise from top: Claw Boot-Friend of Mine, Cutout Heel Bootie-Alexander Wang , Aubrey Ankle Bootie-Messeca, Lucite Heel Booties-Vic Matie, Workin Q Boot-Jeffrey Campbell

I’d like to say that I wasn’t jumping on the Fall bandwagon (pumpkin lattes, fall fashion wish lists on every blog around, and dont get me started on Christmas decorations at Costo), but it’s hard to ignore the signs of the changing seasons. Last night, on our way to Aceq for dinner, I actually had to go back in the house and change my shoes. I had ran out the door wearing skinny jeans and gladiator sandals, in hurried anticipation of a delicious meal, only to find drizzle and under 60 degree temperatures. I said to myself, “your toes are gonna freeze in these things,” so back in I went to throw on my new fave Messeca booties for an easy yet dinner worthy outfit. Above are some of my favorite fall booties, and a couple of coveted ones. A simple black boot goes with eveything you can think of; skinny jeans, dresses, tights and skirts. They are the new black leather jacket in my book (or lbd), and are elegant enough to wear to a nice dinner, and rad enough to wear to that concert afterward.

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Like A Rolling Stone

Catavina, Smal town in Baja California Mexico
the route2 likearollingstonefinaledit5565426_2495261_lz

Arches National Park abstract print here

Crochet Crop Top~Lauren Moffat,  Chrome Lighter~Zippo, Ankle Boots~Messeca, Dirty Solid Perfume~Lush Cosmetics, Lomography Camera~Novella+Diana, Double Slit Maxi Skirt~Ecote, Oversized Round Sunglasses~The Row x Linda Farrow, Black Satchel~Cambridge Satchel Company


So were off, following the above route, first stop Denver for a chill night, and the Poolside show tomorrow night. Then we’re on to Salt Lake for Empire of the Sun, and then camping in Arches. We may decide to stray a bit from the trail to visit Zion national Park, or Burning Man (if some tickets fall in our lap)?!? Above are a few key items Im packing for our trip. It’s tricky, because even though we will be camping, there are inevitably going to be nights (for the concerts mainly) that require more than yoga pants and sneakers. Maxi skirts are perfect, because they are easily dressed up or down, and can even act as a scarf on cold camp nights (I do this all the time!). Pair it with a crochet top and nicer pair of ankle boots. This way, you’re dressed up without having to bring heels, and still have key peices that are easily mixed and matched. An awesome satchel (that will last forever) can be brought to shows, or even on hikes. A Zippo for lighting the camp stove, travel candle, and camp fires. I thought this “Dirty” scented solid perfume was fitting, and easy to throw in your bag and roll on in a flash. Of course, coffee, a rad mixtape, and camera are absolutely necessary. Were even bringing our pup Speedo…so we’ve really got everything!

***Look out for a “Road Trip Mixtape” mañana!

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Mexican Cold-Brewed Coffee

iced coffeeIMG_6231IMG_6250IMG_6260IMG_6621IMG_6624IMG_6628isatocoffee

Lid-Cuppow, Stainless Steel Straw, Polka Dot Blouse-Isato, Bangle-Alex and Ani, Stylenomics nail color-Essie


Whats better than iced coffee on a hot summer day? A Mexican iced coffee with coffee ice cubes and vanilla hemp milk, thats what. A classic seasoning in Mexican cooking, “canela,” or cinnamon, lends a spicy flavor to refreshing iced coffee. This coffee is better tasting, and better for you. Why? Well, the cold brewed process does two things, preserves flavor (rather than pouring hot coffee over ice), and reduces acidity. Using the cold brew method reduces acid by 67% which is easier on your system, and helps your body remain in an alkaline state…this is muy bueno. The hemp milk is easier to digest, and adds a nutty, vanilla, creaminess to your coffee. Pre-made coffee ice cubes prevent the inevitable wateriness from traditional ice cubes. Having a jug of this in your fridge is easy to pour and go, saving you time and money, when you forego the usual $5 Starbucks stop. I love using this Cuppow lid, and stainless steel straw for my iced drinks. The Cuppow attaches to any regular mouth mason jar and immediately turns your mason jar into a portable, sustainable drink container.


Your favorite ground coffee-1 cup
Cinnamon-2 tsp
Cold filtered water-4 cups
Vanilla hemp milk
Amber agave syrup


Add coffee, cinnamon, and water to a glass container with lid, stir together. Seal container, stick in fridge, and let sit over night. In the morning, filter and strain liquid from grounds. Pour coffee, and add coffee cubes to your glass. Add agave syrup and hemp milk to taste, and enjoy your perfectly crafted summer beverage.

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Cavates in the mountainside-ancestral Puebloan cave dwellingsIMG_6062
Have to wear my petroglyph socks on every camp trip

Fresh French press in the morning


Yes thats right, glam-camping. Where there is no tent-pitching, hot dogs are traded in for a more thoughtful menu, and wine has been selected with the help of a sommelier. All though Im not oppossed to traditional camping, its always fun to switch it up a bit. Here are a few snapshots from our latest glamping trip in the lifted, Audi engine toting, Volkswagon Vanagon.

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