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I have to admit, a lot of my inspiration comes from the same place…my place of work. Im a part-time employee at Anthropologie, and being in such am artistic environment keeps the creative wheels turning. So, when some antique painted pots arrived in our store I thought, “I can do that at home.” Granted, these are a far cry from the teal and magenta drip-painted pots that ring up at over $700 a piece, they’re my own twist on decorative pottery. Try this super simple DIY, which only requires three materials. Do it out in the front the yard, and you may even make some curious new friends.


Terra Cotta Pots (one for each of your plant babies)
Rustoleum “Forged Hammered” Spray Paint
Gorilla Tape

Make sure your pots are clean and free of any surface debris. Tape right below the lip of the pot, guiding the tape along and slightly twisting as you go. Turn pot upside down and spray paint according to directions on the can. Make sure you get the top of the lip and slightly inside so no orange shows. Let dry for 2 hours, and plant!

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Kate Broughton is an England based artist and Etsy retailer. She has taken her sweet images and applied them to things such as stationary, wrapping paper, tote bags, even nail decals (which are super cute). The happy  illustrations feature images of items associated with the simple joys of life, nature, cocktails, camper vans etc. Her cards and stationary with simple cacti evoke sentimental notion of the  lost art of the written word, and inspire correspondence. Visit her Etsy shop here

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