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New Year… New Room



Black Two Pelt Sheepskin Rug | Gold Dino Planter | Basic Black Bath Towels | Peyote Poem Candle | Cat Grass | Quartz Cluster Box | Bertoia Reproduction Chair | Good Vibes Throw Pillow | Dreaux Metal Stacking Chair | Faux Mongolian Sheepskin Throw | Dennis Hopper Drugstore Camera Hardback

I’m all for a good deep house clean, and in our house this usually comes around twice a year.  Our big spring cleaning was in May when we moved, so it was about time to bite the bullet and start a winter purge. Most times during the deep cleaning process, things seem to get way worse before they get any better. I pull out all furniture, and pull up all rugs, dust, sweep, mop, and finally, rearrange. Rearranging is key, adds a fresh energy to our space, and lets us figure out more efficient ways of storage. This time it was; wire baskets that slide in and out under our entrance way bench that store small accessories perfectly, and a  hook to hang our large wicker laundry basket near the ceiling because its bulky and awkwardly shaped. I purchased a couple of fur throws (one for the bed, one for the metal chair) for a more cozy, and less harsh feel thats ideal for the winter months. Throw pillows are probably the easiest way to instantly spruce up any room. Written mantras like this “Good Vibes” pillow from Urban, perpetuate the words they display.  I love the feel of a minimalistic design, although my tendency is to collect odd and ends, knick knacks, trinkets, coins, shells, flowers (you name it) that end up in the form of multiple “altars” around the house. I have to force myself to throw things out, re-purpose them, or give them away. I’ve vowed to keep one small side table in the house where I can display those items, and keep them contained in one area. I’ve also adopted a “one in one out” policy for clothes. This has worked out rather well for my wardrobe, pairing down my closet and compelling me to buy only staple items that are classic and durable. In the vein of minimalism, my color story (or lack thereof) usually consists of white, black, and pops of metallics, along with hanging plants, or table top succulents. Any earthen items such as crystals as well as hanging plants or tabletop succulents brighten the space and naturally clean the air, while providing an organic and inviting vibe.

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Festival Fashion

final lips 4

final lips 3

final lips 5

final lips 6

final lips 1

Cutwork Strappy Tank | Strappy Back Bra | Lacey Denim Cutoffs | Metal Belt Arm Band Duo | Joe Boot | Bleeker Bucket Bag


Has it really been a year??? When Coachella rolls around I’m always astonished at how fast time goes by. We’ve been in LA for a year now. Crazy. Apparently there have been a few upgrades this year like actual bathrooms, and a new app that includes a “friend finder” as well as a way to organize set times. Coachella is obviously a music festival, but its equally about the fashion. I always seem to opt for the biker-chic look, which includes boots, that for me, are a crucial part of survival. Pair with a comfy pair of cut-offs, and add the fancy/girly on top with a cutout crop that has sexy tie details. Every girl wants to look good, but don’t let your appearance take over the whole weekend, if you plan ahead, you wont have to focus on that. Remember, it’s all about the dancing, frolicking, ferris wheel rides, and only a little about taking pictures. Check out last years style post here, and a Festival Vest DIY here, and stay tuned for an upcoming Festival Survival Guide on Thursday…

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Bird Black Giveaway

into_the_wild-2 il_570xN.573522050_p3vvil_570xN.578846677_lf2g il_570xN.553026612_gr05iusb_760x100.13222504_px9f

Prints by Bird Black


‘Tis the season for midnight and moonlight, spirits and magic. October, a month of prayer and rememberance, celebrating loved ones who have passed on before us, and that connection to the other side. It’s my favorite month, marking a transition of season, a season full of cultural and spiritual symbolism. With that being said, I have been following Jacquie, the artist behind “Bird Black” on Instagram for a while now, her hauntingly beautiful images have become a favorite of mine. Hers was a page that I randomly stumbled upon, and she has become someone whose art I return to again and again. I can think of no one who more accurately represents the beauty of some of the more macabre things in life, and subsequently, the afterlife. Jacquie says, “Sometimes it’s good to escape into your own mind and see what exists within the realms of your own subconscious.” Her drawings are a definite representation of this. The juxtaposition of weathered bones and solitary feathers paired with living creatures, blooming florals and vibrant foliage are striking. “My artwork is inspired by the images I see when I close my eyes. Sometimes frightening, usually obscure but always, I hope, beautiful” she says. I think that is an etremely accurate description. In the spirit of the season we are giving away one of Jacquie’s prints. Her “Into the Wild” print, the first image featured here showcases many personally meaningful images, a poppy, antler, bow and moon, all set above the phases of the moon. The winning reader will receive a high quality digital print of original pen & ink drawing printed on 6000 / 300gsm Silk paper, individually numbered and signed by the artist. Comment to enter and follow Bird Black on Instagram here

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The Art of Gifting



Gift giving has evolved over the years into something it shouldn’t be. People expect and demand gifts, and it seems the bigger, more expensive, and professionally wrapped gift had become the standard. I love giving gifts, and especially love wrapping them, but when it comes to Christmas craziness of people getting injured when shopping, to black friday, and now cyber monday…its become too much. Gifts are supposed to represent a feeling or symbolize something, and I honestly believe that cost doesn’t matter, its the thought that truly counts. I have become meticulous when it comes to gift giving, especially when it comes to personalization. Any small hint of something a loved one wants or needs is immediately noted. The story of my co-worker at Anthropologie’s engagement was the start to one of my ideas. Taryn and her now husband John Michael , had planned to fly to Paris on a standby pass, and little did she know he had brought a ring with him. On the first leg of the trip, the flight to New York, he proposed to her infront of everyone on the plane. Well, the second leg of the trip didnt go as planned, they couldnt get a flight to Paris. Now if you know Taryn, she is the definition of a Francofile. Always impeccably dressed, her day to day wardrobe consists of striped tops, pencil skirts, red lips, and a perfectly crafted bun. Taryn had never been to Paris and I knew it was a dissapointment when they couldn’t make it all the way. I was so inspired by all the the love locks on the Seine river in Paris, and was especially impressed by the engraved ones. It seemed that these took a bit more time and effort and really stood out amongst the sea of other painted or drawn on locks. For Tayrn and John Michaels wedding gift I wanted to give them something special, something from my heart, and something that represented them as a newly married couple. I knew having a lock engraved for them would be perfect. When they do make it to Paris, they can lock their love to one of the bridges near the Seine. Cheers to the happy couple!!!

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Like A Rolling Stone

Catavina, Smal town in Baja California Mexico
the route2 likearollingstonefinaledit5565426_2495261_lz

Arches National Park abstract print here

Crochet Crop Top~Lauren Moffat,  Chrome Lighter~Zippo, Ankle Boots~Messeca, Dirty Solid Perfume~Lush Cosmetics, Lomography Camera~Novella+Diana, Double Slit Maxi Skirt~Ecote, Oversized Round Sunglasses~The Row x Linda Farrow, Black Satchel~Cambridge Satchel Company


So were off, following the above route, first stop Denver for a chill night, and the Poolside show tomorrow night. Then we’re on to Salt Lake for Empire of the Sun, and then camping in Arches. We may decide to stray a bit from the trail to visit Zion national Park, or Burning Man (if some tickets fall in our lap)?!? Above are a few key items Im packing for our trip. It’s tricky, because even though we will be camping, there are inevitably going to be nights (for the concerts mainly) that require more than yoga pants and sneakers. Maxi skirts are perfect, because they are easily dressed up or down, and can even act as a scarf on cold camp nights (I do this all the time!). Pair it with a crochet top and nicer pair of ankle boots. This way, you’re dressed up without having to bring heels, and still have key peices that are easily mixed and matched. An awesome satchel (that will last forever) can be brought to shows, or even on hikes. A Zippo for lighting the camp stove, travel candle, and camp fires. I thought this “Dirty” scented solid perfume was fitting, and easy to throw in your bag and roll on in a flash. Of course, coffee, a rad mixtape, and camera are absolutely necessary. Were even bringing our pup Speedo…so we’ve really got everything!

***Look out for a “Road Trip Mixtape” mañana!

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