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 There’s nothing like a vacation getaway, but sometimes it’s just as fun to be a tourist in your own town…I’m talking about a solid STAYcation. We decided to do just that in Santa Monica at the Fairmont Miramar right next to the ocean. Although the Fairmont has a traditional hotel style building, they also offer 32 awesome poolside bungalows (the only accommodations of this type in Santa Monica, if you want to get the real beach cottage experience). We were  drawn to the property because we love our bungalow (see previous post), and each one is accessed through a private entrance, nestled among the beautiful winding gardens. Like ours, these rooms were originally built in the 1930’s, and have since been meticulously restored, with Southern Californian inspired interior design by Michael Berman. They also offer personalized products from Le Labo upon arrival. The property’s restaurant FIG uses fresh ingredients sourced from local farmers, and is a perfect place for either a girls lunch, or romantic dinner for two. There is also a full service spa, as well as the Bungalow bar which is frequented by all the area residents…we would know. This place has everything, the only reason you’ll want to leave the grounds is for the beach. To read more about our room, and to book a stay click here.

Bungalow B

house 2


paddling out


house 3


Faux Taxidermy Deer | Surfer Photograph-Catherine Opie | Yarn Wrapped Horseshoe-Marley and Alfie | Novo Acrylic Folding Table-CB2 | Lowrider Girl Paint on Wood-Arte de Moises | Air Plant Terrarium-Etsy | Beverly Hills Hotel Framed Wallpaper


This post has been a long time coming, but we moved to Santa Monica from Venice this past summer, and somehow scored the cutest bungalow cottage just a few blocks from the beach. It was built in 1928 and is one of five on our small little bungalow row. I cant tell you how nice it is to not have someone living next to, or on top of us! The craftsman style property is about 750 sq ft, has it’s original hardwood flooring, full kitchen, and even has a back door to a little stoop where the cat hangs out most days. Bungalow row as I call it, is set back from the street behind a xeriscaped garden full of english roses, succulents, and different pots and plants that have been added throughout it’s almost 90 year history. I have to admit, I was sad to move out of Venice, but when I realized how walkable our new place was (way more accessible than our apartment) I became excited to explore Santa Monica further. We’ve already had so many amazing meals, warm sumer nights, beach days, and a myriad of adventures here. After almost two years, I’m stoked to finally be feeling settled and comfortable in this city…and I don’t think we will be leaving anytime soon.

Nailed It

take a trip
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Vampy 2

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witchy woman
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‘Tis the season for witchy, vampy, Halloween nails. I love having fun with different nail trends, and there’s no short list of them. Metallic and holographic polish like Louboutin’s scarab-beetle-inspired hues change at every angle, and add a pop of color to your everyday outfit, or costume alike. My go-to is surprisingly, not black, but any shade of deep, vampy red or purple. It’s a classy color evocative of another era, goes with almost everything, and is a good choice for those who don’t dare go all the way black. Speaking of black…the darkest polish choice isn’t so scary now. The color that once showed chips easiest, is now remedied with new technology like Nails Inc. all-in-one gel polish (no expensive light needed!). Black is super edgy, perfect year round for the rock and roll chick, and of course, Halloween.

Check out the last ‘Nailed It’ post here

Telluride ’15

photo (8)▼▼▼▼

Pretty Lights-One Day They’ll Know
SOL-So Damn High
Big Wild-Aftergold
ASTR-Blue Hawaii
The Arcs-Put A Flower In Your Pocket
Monmartre-Out of Violence
Jamie XX-I Know There’s Gonna be (Good Times)
Toro y Moi-Lilly
Paul Simon-Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes
Blackalicious-Feel That Way
Beirut-No No No
Unknown Mortal Orchestra-Multi-Love
Bob Marley & the Wailers (Montmartre Remix)- Is This Love
Portland-Deezy Daisy
Listen Here

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Indigo Dreams

okQO9POK9cio6_-Td5t7iXAxXX2T49uhsO_9AXloapc OeMwW7H0pvwZQgYG0SXNFjszou7HjZdPqQOsVyu2KLU,MxaB7XVPo8gREIgOB9OUbk6L7CAV5fqVShdGy9lYdAI,BVSkuhEFV_IGeQqYWtYOcJ9nRbJ727b8GEDMLYkCxJc JQvOfzFPcxz41Ls-O63qKTTkswn9M_UfJIh_ftrvPYE,EEUUPe8HQGALdfEHZB5eFdbIIJedb_H2e0KOlvG1TXY indigo 2  c1IEZZjpmRipFO4KrEk73Rey5DsAOqCv_b-HpVe9lSME6-DgjTZxRS7eSTxRfreMzxmEFtw91H5goQ-JEGjcwo  bBvalCNfDt7COjoLvhiDFbCyO3FQ5k83Gc8p6FZEa3s  8TfyJJfPLPVtPwVYQ1Vbq8pXaXlGFKY5xslo6S2SVtg,vrg0udixDIt1jY0WjqJG4zoh88HyB2lOM5LLrhUxwn4,9Dd4Ia1-WTsJfB7yGr1HRzAXGQQ7LZGJ3fKK-VQ -78U3ogh116EICocAJOkWW-vvs5M67ckmTdVzHh81mA,rJxLsoiZfUHrJXZacD8rhBeXI1h0SoKEBjn-AtNhIeQ,Q9hoSWLhjo0HPiDvmMYFAEQevLRjGmn6Ceb-G0rJ1Io

Lace Romper | Sacred Stacked Necklace | Jennie Tee | Levis C&T Jean


It was such a blast shooting with Free People for the Indigo Shop a few weeks back. A dreamy Malibu at sunset was a picturesque backdrop for the tonal blue/denim/neutral pieces. The amazing Amanda Julca captured the scenes beautifully, utilizing the sea spray and naturally occurring orbs of light that helped grasp the feeling of that moment, and freeze them in a photograph. I felt honored to have been included in a shoot showcasing the natural beauty of my new home here in Southern California, not to mention with a company whom I’ve loved for years. After the shoot was done, I paused a moment  to take in the sunset and be quiet for a bit. I got little emotional while I internalized that I was in a place I’ve always wanted to be, and a part of something truly creative (not to mention fully powered by a team of incredible Women). It was a day that allowed me to acknowledge and appreciate that I’m on the right path, and that there are a few angels up there steering me in the right direction.

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Anti-Allergen Smoothie Bowl

smoothie lastsmoothie 3smoothie 1


I got really into eating Acai bowls in college where our favorite smoothie place near campus would blend up healthy combinations and top with hemp granola and honey. They weren’t cheap, usually coming in around $9 each, but I somehow managed to have one almost every day. I still love smoothie bowls, and there are many places in LA that you can find them, but I tend to stick to just making my own now. There are infinite possibilities and combinations, and don’t necessarily have to contain Acai. This bowl doesn’t, and is a basic strawberry/pineapple/mixed berry. I love switching up the toppings as well. Bee pollen is a go-to, and I’ve also been using dark chocolate covered cacao nibs lately too (YUM). The bee pollen is floral in flavor, high in protein, and acts as an amazing anti-allergen superfood. How you ask? Just imagine bees buzzing from flower to flower, collecting pollen that they bring back to the hive to create granules. An allergy happens when your body develops an immune response to an allergen, in turn creating antibodies. Antibodies cause cells to release histamine which is the cause of allergy symptoms. When you ingest these granules of different flowers pollen, they act as an anti-histamine, and a natural anti-allergen! NATURE IS AWESOME. The trick is to buy LOCAL be pollen, where bees have been pollenating your regional flora.

Smoothie Ingredients:

-Mixed Berries

-Coconut Milk
-Bee Pollen
-Hemp Granola
-Chocolate Covered Cacao Nibs

Blend 1/2 cup each of frozen fruit, and 1//2 cup coconut milk until smooth. Pour into a bowl, top with topping and serve! Extra portions can be kept in small mason jars and even frozen for easy, ready made smoothies to take on the go.

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Festival Fashion

final lips 4

final lips 3

final lips 5

final lips 6

final lips 1

Cutwork Strappy Tank | Strappy Back Bra | Lacey Denim Cutoffs | Metal Belt Arm Band Duo | Joe Boot | Bleeker Bucket Bag


Has it really been a year??? When Coachella rolls around I’m always astonished at how fast time goes by. We’ve been in LA for a year now. Crazy. Apparently there have been a few upgrades this year like actual bathrooms, and a new app that includes a “friend finder” as well as a way to organize set times. Coachella is obviously a music festival, but its equally about the fashion. I always seem to opt for the biker-chic look, which includes boots, that for me, are a crucial part of survival. Pair with a comfy pair of cut-offs, and add the fancy/girly on top with a cutout crop that has sexy tie details. Every girl wants to look good, but don’t let your appearance take over the whole weekend, if you plan ahead, you wont have to focus on that. Remember, it’s all about the dancing, frolicking, ferris wheel rides, and only a little about taking pictures. Check out last years style post here, and a Festival Vest DIY here, and stay tuned for an upcoming Festival Survival Guide on Thursday…

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA palm springs last

A-Frame House-McKean Studio | Zig Zag Bikini-Marysia Swim | Palm Temporary Tattoos-Goldfish Kiss x Flash Tat | Joplin Fringe Clutch-Cleobella | Salted Pretzel Dark Chocolate Bar-Compartes  | Holly Sunglasses-Illesteva | Precleanse Wipes-Dermalogica | Solar Defense Booster-Dermalogica | Beverly Hills Phone Case-Sonix Cases | Hangover Primer-Too Faced | Inflatable Flamingo Beer Floaties-Oriental Trading | Classic Panama Hat-Sensi Studio


 We’re headed to Palm Springs for the weekend… 20 girls, and a house complete with island and lazy river. Lets just say we’re rolling spring break and bachelorette bash all into one, and for this you need to come prepared. Bikini game better be on point, because lets be honest, were not leaving that house. Sun protection is crucial (the weather forecast is 100 degrees friday and saturday) I love Dermalogica’s Solar Defense Booster SPF 50, which you can easily add to your foundation or wear alone. Oversized sunnies like these Illesteva’s are your best friend…and let’s not forget a hat (this Panama hat will always be a classic wardrobe staple). Inflatable flamingo drink holders will be our pool companions, along with the floating beer pong table. Dermalogica Precleanse Wipes are awesome for when you don’t feel like taking off your makeup before bed, and Too Faced Hangover RX primer, wakes up your eyes and helps you to look refreshed for brunch the morning after. Desert bound…

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sxsw playlist


This playlist is all over the map…it features some of my faves from the upcoming South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin. Beginning with some bluesy rock from Austin based Black Joe Lewis, all his tracks will get you movin’, it’s hard to choose just one. Dent May as recommended by my singer/songwriter cuz Kat, of Kat Myers and the Buzzards, will get you steppin. A sexy song from Nikki Lane, what else? The kind you want to listen to in a smoky dive bar whilst playing pool. I think my favorite line from that track “People say and people do, and there’s a difference between the two” Ain’t that the truth. Preach, girl. Then moving on to a track from up and coming artists Hey Rocco, hailing from South Carolina, and describing their genre as “Disney Grunge.” Their track “Santa Fe” is catchy and Melodic, and who doesn’t love a double clap? Got to hang with the boys in the band the other day, nice guys. A pretty cool cover of White Stripes “Seven Nation Army” by Zella Day. Ending in some funky dub-step by Griz.

Come to My Party-Black Joe Lewis
Born Too Late-Dent May
All or Nothin-Nikki Lane
Ego-Tove Stryke
Danger in the Club-Palma Violets
Absence Heard, Presence Felt-Quantic
The Love You’re Given-Jack Garratt
Santa Fe-Hey Rocco
Modern Jesus-Portugal the Man
Seven Nation Army-Zella Day
In the Summer-Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros
Funk Party-Griz

Follow the playlist here

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concho title



oy vey


image (3)

Wild Heart Vegan Hobo– Free People | Oh Valencia Caftan-Free People | Metal Cones-Crazy Crow | Buckskin-Similar Here | Concho-Similar Here


Festival season is upon us and I’ve definitely been noticing the influx of new accessory trends. Leather is big, and edgy is taking over the bohemian vibe. Harnesses, Bolo’s, Chained Belts, and of course, fringe. It’s biker chic and I dig it. I was inspired by all of the concho’s and fringe that I’ve been seeing and decided to crate a hybrid purse bolo. Once you have the supplies, this guy takes about 15 minutes to make…tops. It adds jingle and flair to any handbag. Tips for this project: Match your piece of leather as closely to your bag as possible (grain/color). You also must have a bag that had detachable/adjustable straps unless you want to build your bolo around the strap…convertible crossbody’s are perfect for this!


Leather of your choice (I used buckskin, you can opt for a vegan leather though)
Metal Cones
Concho Charm
Jewelry pliers with smooth finish (no crimps) for clamping cones


Smooth out your leather and measure the piece to whatever length you want, making sure the width of the cut will fit when threaded through the concho. Cut the piece making sure you completely close the scissors when cutting, meaning the end of the scissors come together completely (this will prevent the leather from fraying). Once you have your ribbon of leather, fold it in half on itself making sure the ends line up, and thread through the concho. Once you have the concho in place, cut the fringe from the bottom of the ribbon, using the same technique with the scissors. Make sure the fringe is the correct width for insertion in the metal cones, no too thin, not too thick. Once all fringe is cut, thread the cones onto each piece of fringe rolling the leather in between your fingers of one hand, and twisting the cone onto said fringe with your other hand. Thread all cones before crimping, so you can line up the cones evenly. Make sure the edge of the fringe is not sticking out of the bottom of the cone, if so just slightly pull cones down so they are even again. Using the pliers, gently crimp the top of the cone where the leather meets the cone. Do this on all pieces and voila!

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