D.I.Y. Hola Doormat


mat1mat2mat4mat5mat 6


When I saw the Reed Wilson “Hola” doormat at a store on Melrose, I knew I had to have it. Then my crafty side kicked in when I looked at the price tag saying, “You can make this for five dollars-total,” and so  this project began. I was already in the market for some kind of coir (coconut husk) mat because we live less than a mile from the beach and there is constant sand in the house, as well as excess dirt that is tracked in from our animals. This worked out really well actually because we don’t have  a proper front porch (only steps), with more of a stoop in back. I found a $7 coir mat at Target, that we ended up cutting in half, using the second half for a subsequent “Adios” mat on the back steps. Boom, two-for-one.


Coir Mat

Black Spray Paint

Large Letter Stencils


Box Cutter



Measure the mid-point of your mat. Using a square dowel or yard stick, and a Sharpie, trace a line down the mid-section of the mat. Cut down the center using the box cutter in a sawing motion (this may require a little elbow grease depending on the thickness of the mat you chose. Lay out your letters and secure with packing tape. You may want to entirely cover the exposed edges with tape, because there was some residual paint that ending up creating a slight fading around the edges of the stencils (we’re just gonna call this a rustic look…shout out to Bob Ross!). Let paint dry before removing the stencils.

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