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Havasupai Falls, Arizona


A little piece of paradise smack dab in the middle of the desert, Havasu Falls on the Supai Indian reservation was our most recent adventure…and adventure doesn’t even begin to describe it! The beauty of this place is absolutely breathtaking. If you live in the Southwest, Havasupai is basically in your backyard and is a must see/hike/swim trip. The hike roundtrip is about 20 miles, 8 to the check in point, and 2 to the campgrounds. All of the falls are a couple miles from camp depending on which you decide to see. We went to basically all of them except Beaver Falls which was rumored to be 8 miles from camp (more than is advertised on signs at the reservation, and one that requires  descent on many vertical ladders). I recommend seeing all of the falls possible, because each one has such a unique personality and structure. There are three main modes of transport into camp: hike, horse, or helicopter. All are awesome options with their own perks. We were definitely not glamping on this one, and was pretty much the definition of roughing it. Backpacking in all of our stuff forced us strip our gear down to the bare minimum. With two sleeping bags, two pads, one tent, one small camp stove, and one dog, (and of course as much water as we could physically manage to carry because there are no water sources at any point on the trail) there wasn’t much room for anything else. This meant, no pillows, one hiking outfit, one bathing suit, and one pair of shoes. We opted for mostly dehydrated food (Oatmeal is a great choice), nuts, two avocados, two apples, and one can of Amy’s Veggie Chili. The one thing I wished I had brought was a pair of water shoes…with blisters from hiking (in sneakers, not hiking boots…also don’t recommend this) and the jagged rocks they would have been a huge relief. They do allow dogs on the reservation and we were traveling with ours so we were happy to bring our pup Speedo (he’s 11!!), and was a hit at camp. We decided after two days of hiking (and a ton of blisters, in addition to a pretty tired pup) to inquire about taking horses for the return trip, and ended up doing so. Besides the fact that I had Bonita, the “crazy” horse (I did volunteer to take her), the ride back was so much fun. A sweet Supai couple that raises horses on the reservation and their son took us up and out of the canyon, with scenic view of wild horses, and of course the falls and cliffs all the way back up. I can honestly say hands down the funniest thing I’ve ever seen was Rio on horseback, trotting, whipping his horse with one hand, and holding Speedo for dear life with the other. I was crying from laughing so hard, and still cant believe we pulled this one off!

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