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Faux Taxidermy Deer | Surfer Photograph-Catherine Opie | Yarn Wrapped Horseshoe-Marley and Alfie | Novo Acrylic Folding Table-CB2 | Lowrider Girl Paint on Wood-Arte de Moises | Air Plant Terrarium-Etsy | Beverly Hills Hotel Framed Wallpaper


This post has been a long time coming, but we moved to Santa Monica from Venice this past summer, and somehow scored the cutest bungalow cottage just a few blocks from the beach. It was built in 1928 and is one of five on our small little bungalow row. I cant tell you how nice it is to not have someone living next to, or on top of us! The craftsman style property is about 750 sq ft, has it’s original hardwood flooring, full kitchen, and even has a back door to a little stoop where the cat hangs out most days. Bungalow row as I call it, is set back from the street behind a xeriscaped garden full of english roses, succulents, and different pots and plants that have been added throughout it’s almost 90 year history. I have to admit, I was sad to move out of Venice, but when I realized how walkable our new place was (way more accessible than our apartment) I became excited to explore Santa Monica further. We’ve already had so many amazing meals, warm sumer nights, beach days, and a myriad of adventures here. After almost two years, I’m stoked to finally be feeling settled and comfortable in this city…and I don’t think we will be leaving anytime soon.

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