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‘Tis the season for witchy, vampy, Halloween nails. I love having fun with different nail trends, and there’s no short list of them. Metallic and holographic polish like Louboutin’s scarab-beetle-inspired hues change at every angle, and add a pop of color to your everyday outfit, or costume alike. My go-to is surprisingly, not black, but any shade of deep, vampy red or purple. It’s a classy color evocative of another era, goes with almost everything, and is a good choice for those who don’t dare go all the way black. Speaking of black…the darkest polish choice isn’t so scary now. The color that once showed chips easiest, is now remedied with new technology like Nails Inc. all-in-one gel polish (no expensive light needed!). Black is super edgy, perfect year round for the rock and roll chick, and of course, Halloween.

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