Festival Fashion

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Cutwork Strappy Tank | Strappy Back Bra | Lacey Denim Cutoffs | Metal Belt Arm Band Duo | Joe Boot | Bleeker Bucket Bag


Has it really been a year??? When Coachella rolls around I’m always astonished at how fast time goes by. We’ve been in LA for a year now. Crazy. Apparently there have been a few upgrades this year like actual bathrooms, and a new app that includes a “friend finder” as well as a way to organize set times. Coachella is obviously a music festival, but its equally about the fashion. I always seem to opt for the biker-chic look, which includes boots, that for me, are a crucial part of survival. Pair with a comfy pair of cut-offs, and add the fancy/girly on top with a cutout crop that has sexy tie details. Every girl wants to look good, but don’t let your appearance take over the whole weekend, if you plan ahead, you wont have to focus on that. Remember, it’s all about the dancing, frolicking, ferris wheel rides, and only a little about taking pictures. Check out last years style post here, and a Festival Vest DIY here, and stay tuned for an upcoming Festival Survival Guide on Thursday…

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6 thoughts on “Festival Fashion

  1. David Bebout says:

    That’s a gorgeous model!

  2. foodchanel says:

    😘💋Miss you 💛

  3. Hi Halley

    Sorry to reach you this way but I lost my wallet. I was your last customer tonight. Can you please let me know if you found it please…

  4. Hi Halley
    Sorry to reach you this way. I was the last person in free people. Did I leave my wallet. Please let me know. Sorry for blowing you up through social media but I have my daughters ss card. Please let me know. Thank you

    • foodchanel says:

      Hi Scarlet,
      I just got home. I closed the store and did not see a wallet. I open tomorrow, and will be there at 7 am… Do you have a description? Also leave me your phone # I will call you…

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