Style 11


Faithful Shaggy Jacket-Free People | Volcan Canteen Bag-Stela 9 | Mock Me Tank-Free People | Fringed Bike Chain Necklace- Coming Soon to Medicine Bow Collective | Turquoise Buckskin Deer Cuff-Coming Soon to Medicine Bow Collective | Horchata Lip Spread-SIN MIN | Number One Sunglasses-Karen Walker


We’re located just two and a half hours away from Joshua Tree National Park, and as pretty avid campers wanted to check it out. We loaded up the truck with our climbing gear, our pup, and set out into the desert. Im kind of a nerd and own a National Parks Passport, so I was pretty stoked to be visiting a new park, and collecting a new stamp.  The drive was quick, and we passed a ton of hot springs on the way which we noted for our next visit.  Joshua Trees grow most everywhere in California so it wasn’t like we had never seen one before, but coming up on the park the landscape changed significantly. There was nothing BUT the trees. The cool thing about them is that no two are alike, they all have their own quirky personality, a mind of their own. Twisting out in both directions, sticking up, then jutting straight back down where it’s fronds begin. They have human like qualities, and seem like at any moment, they could reach over and pat you on the back. What can I say, they’re fun plants. We were immediately greeted by two fat coyotes, a reminder to keep Speedo close, but a welcome sight, signaling we really were in the desert. It’s a climbers playground, where the trees are joined by prehistoric rock formations in an area that used to be completely underwater. The rocks are like clouds, in that your mind relates them to familiar form; a sunken ship, an alligator, a huge stone metate that could only be used to grind human bones. Thats where my mind went anyway, it’s a trip with no drugs needed. There was a dampness while we were there, it rained the entire first night. When we woke the red of the rocks had deepened, and it felt so fresh and pure. The color palette of Joshua Tree is something I can relate to, brown desert, chartreuse at the tops of the trees, turquoise sky. And it is silent. A pleasant change from the big city.

Check out this insanely cool house that located in Joshua Tree

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  1. sakarisun says:

    simply the best, love it xoxo

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