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concet goers final 111

Collar Necklace-Alexis Bittar  |  Jacquard Crop Top-Mara Hoffman  |  The Skinny Distressed Jeans-Rag & Bone  |  Python Hair Ties-Emi-Jay  |  Fine Body Chain-Miss Selfridge  |  Amarapura Nail Polish-Nars  |  Mesa Stack Rings-House of Harlow 1960  |  Fringe Bootie-Seychelles  |  Horchata Lipspread-Sin Min  |  Magnetic Eyeliner-Nudestix  |  Mini Fix +-Mac  |  Hasting Fringe Bag-Cleobella


After the slew of shows we’ve been to lately (Blood Orange, Sbtrkt, Banks, Ivory Deville) I’ve realized there really is an art to concert going attire. Im not claiming to be an expert, but have been to enough to hold my own, and aim to share a few tips to make your experience easier. The main goal is comfort, body temperature control, easy access, and of course, style. The number one tip that I’ve found helpful is a small purse…messenger style. It sucks to be dancing around with a huge bag on your hip, and it’s not very considerate of your fellow show goers (I’m probably annoying enough being THAT GIRL who is dancing uncontrollably, hands over head for the entire night). This fringed Cleobella number does the trick, and the black leather totally overlaps into everday wear. While were on the subject of fringe, these suede Seychelles booties are comfortable enough to dance all night in, and at $150, they don’t break the bank. I’m loving a crop top layered over a body chain…thanks for that idea Bey. Add a 90’s inspired collar for an eclectic accessorized look. Pile on the rings, especially this set from House of Harlow, and to keep the pops of silver going finish with Nars metallic nail polish. Crimp-free hairties are a must for a ponytail option, plus they and add to wrist stacks when not in use. These python print ties that I found at Nordstrom are rad. As far as touchup essentials, go with what fits in your purse. A few key items like face refresher spray (try the mini size from MAC…they now have mini sized everything!!!), eyeliner, and the obligatory Sin-Min horchata lipspread (has a natural plumper which makes your lips full and soft) are minimal but keep you looking fresh.  When in doubt choose most anything with fringe or distressed detailing and you’ll be good to go.

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Bird Black Giveaway

into_the_wild-2 il_570xN.573522050_p3vvil_570xN.578846677_lf2g il_570xN.553026612_gr05iusb_760x100.13222504_px9f

Prints by Bird Black


‘Tis the season for midnight and moonlight, spirits and magic. October, a month of prayer and rememberance, celebrating loved ones who have passed on before us, and that connection to the other side. It’s my favorite month, marking a transition of season, a season full of cultural and spiritual symbolism. With that being said, I have been following Jacquie, the artist behind “Bird Black” on Instagram for a while now, her hauntingly beautiful images have become a favorite of mine. Hers was a page that I randomly stumbled upon, and she has become someone whose art I return to again and again. I can think of no one who more accurately represents the beauty of some of the more macabre things in life, and subsequently, the afterlife. Jacquie says, “Sometimes it’s good to escape into your own mind and see what exists within the realms of your own subconscious.” Her drawings are a definite representation of this. The juxtaposition of weathered bones and solitary feathers paired with living creatures, blooming florals and vibrant foliage are striking. “My artwork is inspired by the images I see when I close my eyes. Sometimes frightening, usually obscure but always, I hope, beautiful” she says. I think that is an etremely accurate description. In the spirit of the season we are giving away one of Jacquie’s prints. Her “Into the Wild” print, the first image featured here showcases many personally meaningful images, a poppy, antler, bow and moon, all set above the phases of the moon. The winning reader will receive a high quality digital print of original pen & ink drawing printed on 6000 / 300gsm Silk paper, individually numbered and signed by the artist. Comment to enter and follow Bird Black on Instagram here

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indian summer final ▼▼▼▼

Fall rolled around here in LA, according to our calendar, but not the thermometers. This past weekend was spent entirely at the pool, and my dashboard read 93 degrees. An “Indian Summer,” is defined as a period of warm weather in late autumn or early winter…and it’s been the longest and hottest Indian Summer in recent history. This playlist is a testament to days still spent in cutoffs with the windows rolled down. Im milking it for all it’s worth.

Pretty Girls-Little Dragon
Classic (ft. Cat Powers)-The Knocks, Powers
Warm Water (Snakehips Remix)-Banks Grind-Les Sins
They Don’t Want-Electric Wire Hustle
Let Us Stay Young-Lucas Nord, Urban Cone
Jeeper Creeper-Sinkane
Carbonated-Mount Kimbie
The Light-Sbtrkt, Denai Moore
Drive-Tokimonsta, Arama
Sunset Strut-Lost Midas
Basic instinct-The Acid

***Listen and follow the playlist here

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dreamcatcher 12cupsapartment ahdeer finalllcandle

apt 1apartment 1spee

“S” Hook-Anthropologie | Faux Deer Head-Etsy |  Monogram Mugs-Anthropologie | Demi Kettle-Le Creuset | Cheery Wood Salad Bowl-Williams Sonoma | Farmers Market Basket-Anthropologie | Zig Zag Pouf-Target | Volcano Constellation Candle-Capri Blue | Faux Cowhide-Ikea | Fir & Firewood Candle-Capri Blue | Portable USB Vinyl Record Player-Crosley | Woven Leather Rug (Similar here)


Truth be told, this is my first apartment. Most of my post-college living situations have been house rentals, and I wasn’t about to give up that trend when moving to LA. “Apartments” seemed so foreign to me, especially spending my childhood in New Mexico, and College years in Colorado, where apartment housing is few and far between. Moving out West, I had my mind set on a perfect casita, small but charming. Lemon trees, a fenced in yard, wood floors, a bathtub, and most importantly, a gas cook stove. Oh, did I mention pet friendly? Yes. This was a lot to ask. We researched and toured a dozen guest houses/casitas/micro cottages…you name it. Every place we went to was either completely against dogs or cats (or both), had smelly carpet, or crazy landlords. We were at the end of our rope. Luckily, the place we now reside in (the last place we looked at),  happened to be an apartment. Wood floors, yes. Bathtub, yes. Gas range, yes. Pet friendly, YES! No lemon trees, no front yard, but it will do. Im in love with our little home that we’ve spent the past few months sprucing up. In this time  I’ve learned that there are so many little details you can add to a space to make it your own.

1. A Piece of Home-A dreamcatcher over the bed is reminescent of my room in New Mexico

2. Kitchen Details-Hang monogram mugs via super simple and non-damaging screw in hooks

3. Pet Supplies-Hooks installed next to the front door keep leashes out of the way, but ready for use

4. Wall Art-Fun pieces can liven up any living space,  I love my faux deer that doubles as a jewelry hanger

5. Living Room- Cozy it up with candles, and a variety of seating- we love these square seat poufs

6. Desk Essentials-An inviting desk, invites efficiency. Organize with post-it notes that are too cute to hide, and add seasonal deco

7. Music-A record player partnered with vinyls displayed next to it will keep the tunes spinning and your treasured music collection dust free

8. A puppy makes everything better

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