I flew to Colorado two weeks ago to surprise one of my best friends on the night of her engagement. What followed was a mountain weekend filled with champagne, dance parties, family dinners, and a gaggle of giddy girls waiting for their turn to try on the ring. Of course there is a soundtrack to our lives, and for a weekend like this, it’s a continual music share-a-thon. On the drive home it was my turn to plug in Spotify and update a couple of music hungry homies on my recent faves playlist. A few top artists on the current rotation include; DimSum, Blood Orange, and newest obsession, French Kiwi Juice. Yes, there is a trend here-bands with food related titles, Alex noted. If you are a foodie, or music lover alike, try a taste of FKJ. A dreaded (the hair kind) French DJ delivering deliciously juicy tracks.

Listen here

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