Portland Wrap-Up

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PDX the “City of Roses”, and aptly named, with a climate deemed perfect for growing said flower. This place is crazy beautiful, with some seriously lush fairy-like neighborhoods. I think I described it as “Boulder, on plant steroids” it’s almost tropical, and the colors are so vibrant, everywhere you look is sprayed with greenery. Perfect streets lined with equally as colorful Victorian houses, each with their own personality. It’s like living in a painting. Around every corner it seemed, was a surprise; a wishing tree, where people tied on their most intimate and cherished dreams, a poetry stand with monthly changing poetry sheets to take (this month’s poem entitled “May Day”), and a book exchange cabinet outside someone’s purple and orange house. I don’t know what everyone is on in Portland, but people are HAPPY. Cab drivers, bartenders, sales associates (we love u, Paxton Gate), they all have beaming smiles that quickly become contagious. Besides the foliage, and  awesome peeps, Portland is home to some damn good food. We had Thai at internationally acclaimed Pok Pok (Best Chef Northwest 2011-Andy Ricker), Tacos at Por Que No? and Mexican/American fusion Luchador, Southern style brunch at Screen Door, happy hour brunch at Tasty and Sons. The food was incredible and never ending. List of bars we took over: Bar Bar, Devil’s Point, Dig a Pony, Sassy’s, and many more… Throw in some vintage shopping, a couple of tattoos, and stripper-karaoke (I think you can figure that one out) and it was one hell of a week. Happy Birthday Ash, that was one for the books.

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