Tried and True

tried and truelalala

Arugula Soy Candle-Archipelago // Number One Sunglasses-Karen Walker // Jet Set Waterproof Eye liner-Smashbox // Engineer Boots-Frye // Glosses-Tkees // Mid City Tote-Foley and Corinna // Licorice Nail Polish-Essie // Skin Food-Weleda


A few of my tried and true favorites that are used on the reg. Most of these items (6 of 8) I’ve used for over a year (many for years) and can vouch for their awesomeness in the durability sense. In order of appearance: First off, if you haven’t smelled this Arugula scented candle, you are misisng out on a delicious trip for the senses. Trust me on this one, I worked at Anthropologie (the mecca for candle sales if you aren’t an Anthro regular) for two-plus years, and smelled every candle on God’s green earth. This one is it. If you arent a candle burner, this one will convert you. Its not sugary, or fruity, or musky, it’s light and clean and amazing. Plus it burns evenly and for what seems like forever, as well as cleanly, because its soy. We have other items to asses, so I digress from the candle. A pair of oversized black sunglasses is a must for every gal. Whether it’s driving into the sun, looking glamorous, or if you’re just plain hungover, these Karen Walker lovlies will do the trick. They are thick plastic with oversized lenses, that look good on any face shape, and have the iconic arrow detail on the arms. A little fun, and a little sophisticated a lot glam. The eyeliner. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t aware that this was “waterproof” until I searched the link to add an image to this post. It makes complete sense now though. And I know what you’re thinking…Ill never buy that bc I’ll spend 20 minutes trying to remove it at night…not the case! This Smashbox liner pot encompasses the best waterproof characteristics- STAYS ON and doesn’t leave a funny black double line above your eyeshadow crease. It also doesn’t take a ton of oil or chemicals to remove it. See? Best of both worlds. Did I mention it is the deepest, mattest black liner I’ve ever used? The boots. Ahhhh the Frye engineer boots. How you have saved me from 8 hour days on my feet running around a cement floored retail store the weeks leading up to Christmas with an injured left foot. You look great with both bootcut, or tucked into, skinny jeans. Shorts…yep! Dresses…add a bit of boho flair to that sundress. Great to wear to festivals, riding your motorcycle, whatever. They literally go anywhere, and look better distressed as time goes on. The Sandals. I have to admit, these are newer to my sandal repertoire and I loving them. Perfectly cushioned footbed, waterproof, and the patent looks a bit more polished than say, your trusty Havaianas. I’ve been wearing them pretty much everyday here in LA, paired with some boyfriend denim, and have been my go-to for running to the market, taking the dog for a walk etc. As for durability…I’ll keep ya posted. We’ve come to the purse. I cant tell you enough how much I love this purse. I’ve had it for about three years now, and really, there’s no reason to have anything else. It can be held two ways, is perfect for errands, concerts, and is dressy enough for a night out. Did I mention its big enough to put a wine bottle in? (movies and vino…hello?) Classy, I know. Im thinking about buying it in a second color. Essie Black Licorice. Well, this is perfect for me,  because my go-to nail varnish is usually black. This black is so deep and glossy, I haven’t found any other brand that will stand up to it. Black goes with everything right? I’ve finally decided as well that Essie stays on the longest…no chips here. Weleda skin food-the most nourishing cream on the planet. You get alot of bang for your buck too. I use it every night when Im home in arid NM. Try it, you wont be disappointed.

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2 thoughts on “Tried and True

  1. nancy says:

    Yep, all these things remind me of you. Miss ya Hales!

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