Double Duty

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Coconut Grove Matte Eyeshadow-Nars // Sugar Petal Lip Treatment-Fresh // Layer Lash Primer-Smashbox


Products that deliver two uses from one purchase, cutting down makeup cost and clutter. Nars’ Coconut Grove is my new go-to for lids and brows. The sumptuous brown can be applied lightly in the crease for the daytime, or layered with a wet brush for a darker sultry night look. Use an angled brush like this one, with short strokes working outward to blend into your brows (I use this for my eyeliner brush as well…oh hey double duty brush!). I’ve already raved about Fresh’s “Sugar” lip treatment (here and here), but its not just for lips, it acts as a creme blush too. Just three dabs along your cheekbone smudged in a bit, and presto, rosy cheeks. Perfect to keep in your purse to re-up on your lip or cheek color. My friend recently introduced me to what became an instant obsession, Smashbox’s lash primer. Use before mascara to lengthen and separate, AND on your brows after you have brushed color into them… It acts as a wax keeping hairs perfectly in place.

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