D.I.Y. Cholla Cactus Jewelry Hanger

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Pronounced: CHOY-YA, create a jewelry display out of this cactus, that is equally as beautiful as the pieces that hang from it. Im all about organization lately, and this is the perfect a do-it-yourself craftivity to keep those necklaces from the dreaded knot that they can become. See the last stud earring organizational D.I.Y. here


Cholla Cactus Skeleton (dried)
Sand Paper
Saw (smaller teeth preferred)
Spray Paint-Flat White &  Clear Coat
Metallic Gold Paint
Small Paint Brush
Embroidery Thread (2 colors of you choosing)
Crystal Point (quartz are perfect)


Sand Your cholla to remove any skin/dirt and create an even surface for painting. Cut cholla to your desired length. I did two, one smaller (about a half foot), and one larger (about a foot). Spray paint the cactus with a flat white color, covering all areas evenly, let dry. The white will create an even primer coat for the gold in the next step. Paint the gold color over the white, apply two coats if necessary (I let some of the white in the holes of the cactus show through which created nice depth). Let dry completely. Wrap your embroidery thread on each end, beginning with a tie in the center on the end of the cactus, keep thread bound closely together and go around about 20 times. Pull the end of thread up through one of the holes with a tweezer, and tie to secure. Do this on both ends. In the center, wrap a crystal with an x movement until secure, tie in the back. Tack finished cholla to a wall of your choosing and hang your jewels!

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