Simple Spinach Salad

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When you have the freshest of ingredients, do best by them and keep it simple. My friend Kylee has a hoop house at her casa in Talpa filled with kale, spinach, mustard greens, and lettuce, which we harvested on Wednesday. It’s been feeling alot like Spring lately so we decided to assemble an easy five ingredient salad showcasing the green bounty. I chose tangelos because I love both the sweet and tart properties of the fruit, which pair perfectly with the buttery avocado. I think you’ll feel the same way.


Tangelos (2)
Avocado (2)

*Serves two-three people


Wash spinach throughly. Prepare tangelo supremes by slicing off both ends of the fruit, creating a steady cutting base. Slicing downward, peel the sides as you go.  Cut into each section of the fruit cocking the knife slightly, to loosen each supreme. Save unused portion of the tangelo, squeezing to create the acid for the citronette of the salad. Whisk juice with a bit of olive oil. Layer spinach, avocado, and tangelo dressing each section, and adding salt and fresh cracked pepper.

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