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Nail art is a fun way to accessorize and seems ever more intricate these days, especially at fashion week… tartan and claws oh my! See here and here. Although I give major props to those ladies (or guys) who are willing to rock designs that portrude off the finger, more often than not I have my hands in water or a mixing bowl and don’t think my boyfriend would appreciate a rhinestone in his gluten-free muffin. Shellac is reserved for special occasions, I usually stick to painting my own digits, and when it comes to color,  tend to venture a little further out of the box than say the predictable coral or nude. Try some psychedelic hues or glitter as listed in the Acid Trip foursome. Opaque Chartreuse is rad layered with Happy Birthday (one of my personal glitter faves). Space Out with intergalactic grays, blues, and blacks, reminiscent of the night sky. Nars’ Space Odyssey is a go-to silver, awesome for a concert or night out. Emulate Earth’s natural beauty with a pick from Gems and Minerals, all of which include a toned down shimmer effect. When it comes to polish, don’t shy away from the unknown, its easier to change than your makeup, outfit, or hair color.

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