Stone Age


Miracle Mile

crystal 5

Oh the Tanzanite…

crystal 3

Front Row at Motet Pre-Party in Phoenix


New Aquamarine Wrap, Made in CO with Love

crystal 6

Govinda on the Violin

crystal 4

Purity Ring DJ Set


Beautiful Laura McGowan Painting Live



Gem and Jam mini road-trip was a success. We met so many new friends, and saw a few old ones too (Taos was definitely in the house). Two of my favorite creative ladies were; Sarah Williamson’s Paradigm Shift Jewelry and Laura McGowan’s colorful paintings. It’s awesome to see how pretty much all creative processes draw on the Earths beauty, and its insects, animals, plants, and minerals. Sarah’s rad jewels are cast from naturally occuring objects such as honeycomb and crystals, are edgy and perfect for layering. Paradigm Jewlery is influced by “Raw elements, the forests of British Columbia, the deserts of New Mexico, roaming the wide open winding roads of California and the West Coast, the twinkling diamond lights of the city, deviant gemstone formations, the waxing and waning of the moon.” And it shows. I followed Laura’s Giraffe love painting throughout the three nights of the festival. It is so cool to see a piece’s development, where you imagine it going, and where it actually ends up. Laura is both beautiful and talented (a fellow Buff, not surprising), she told me she had only been painting for two years, and I could see how much joy it brought her. I came away from this festival feeling inspired and re-charaged, from the music, energy, and the people themselves. If there’s two things I learned this trip, it would be a)The hokey pokey is totally underrated and b)If you don’t have dreads by the end of the night, you aren’t dancing hard enough. But, sometimes the best part of a journey, is getting there. The part of a road trip when you are tired, in the middle of nowhere, and things start to get weird. Joshua trees take on human form, side-mouth trumpet jams become the norm, and strange dance movements erupt from the person next to you. The tiny towns names range from three to five letters in length and seem like they were drawn out of a hat, or stolen straight from another town i.e. Vail, Bowie, Playa, Aire. Road trips are some sort of intensive therapy for the mind, slowing down your thoughts, and causing you to think hard about priorities in life. Its nice to unplug and hit the road, especially with the one you love, I think it’s the best therapy around.

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