kermits fiesta final

“Kermit’s Fiesta”

beet of my heart

“Beet of My Heart”

juice yayyybet 2 final


Make sure you use ALL organic ingredients, and wash everything REALLY well. You are trying to do something healthy for your body, not add chemicals to it right?  Juicing is basically a superhighway to your bloodstream,  if you don’t use organic fruits and veggies, those chemicals/insecticides are gonna cruise straight on through. The green juice we lovingly named “Kermit’s Fiesta” (green w/ cilantro), has become my absolute favorite. It’s refreshing, and I swear it gives me more energy. Even though juicing is a great way to get nutrients from the earth quickly and easily, we try to steer clear of too many fruits because they add a suprising amount of sugar…not good for people who have say, Candida (a half of an apple adds the perfect amount of sweetness to two juice servings). Get creative with your juice, and start feeling better!

You will need an electric juicer for this recipe…try this one


(Kermits Fiesta)
Celery (3 ribs)
Cucumber (3/4)
Cilantro (5 springs-stem and all)
Lime (1)
*Juice beforehand…lemons and limes do better hand juiced

(Beet of My Heart)
Beet (2-quartered)
Ginger (1 tbsp worth-peeled)
*A little goes a long way
Lemon (1)
*Same thing as limes, they do better hand juiced

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