Style 7


Log Cabin Sweater-Cynthia Vincent // Lily Crop Jeans-Level 99 // H Bracelet-Hermes // Number One Sunglasses-Karen Walker // Sugar Berry Lip Treatment-Fresh // Booties-Steve Madden //  Nail Polish in Vested Interest-Essie


Cozy-chic. Keeping on par with my usual day to day style, in some comfortable skinny jeans and publicly wearable robe. You may be thinking to yourself, “Comfortable skinny jeans?!” To answer your question, no they don’t have to be two respective terms. Try some Level 99’s from Anthropologie, they have great give without streching out permanently, and are a sweet price point, most coming in around $100. I have always loved Cynthia Vincent’s robe sweaters, teetering somewhere in between Pendleton and Vince, bohemian with an air of sophistication. The Karen Walker sunnies, go with anything casual or dressy and stay within my required “oversized” parameters.

Photo Credit-Rio Paulden

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2 thoughts on “Style 7

  1. Teresa says:

    Your style makes me happy…

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