Tuesday Inspiration



Some wonderfully colorful and dreamy art inspiration for this Tuesday in January. I stumbled upon Mary Herrera’s art on Mystic Mamma’s awesome website, and immediately went on a quest to find out more about the artist. Im naturally drawn to art that expresses the feminine form, and equally to collage art.  I found her website, aptly named  “Floral Anatomy,” which explains; “Using collages to express her fascination with mysticism, womanhood and the divine goddess, Collage Art by Mary Herrera, has created a unique blend of images that reveal the duality within human consciousness and unconsciousness.” There is something truly unique and magical about her creations. Want to see more by the artist? Right this way…

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday Inspiration

  1. What’s up, I have noticed that on occasion this website shows a 404 server error message. I figured that you would be keen to know. Regards

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