A Visit to Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs & a Giveaway

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 Ojo Caliente is a scared place. It is an area that my family, and most locals from Taos visit frequently. Over the past 15 years it has transformed from just a few natural hot spring pools, to a stunning, tastifully done resort and spa. But, Ojo has been around for thousands of years before us. Ancient peoples, the Native Americans who built large pueblos and lived in the surrounding cliffs, gathered to soak and detoxify for generations. The new owners of Ojo have painstakingly taken the natural landscape of the Northern New Mexico Desert into consideration while renovating the historic springs. Before any construction took place, they completely renovated the pipes, installing UV filters, while simultaneously creating a geothermal system, recycling gray water, and turning it into radiant floor heating for the locker rooms and spa areas. Along with the revolutionary pipe system, came a new Women’s bath house, new cliffside suites lodging, and even a wine bar. Ojo also elected a local herbologist to harvest regional plants in order to formulate their signature wildcrafted body products. I took home the desert sage body wash, and body creme which are both organic and paraben free, and contain divine and healing ingredients such as oils of sesame, grapeseed, almond, sunflower, wheat germ, and coconut, aloe vera, cocoa butter, and grapefruit seed extract. We’ve already booked our “Month of Love” package for Valentines Day, which includes:

-One night’s Lodging for Two Guests
– Two 50-minute Essence of Ojo Custom Massages (one each)
– 50-minutes in a Romantic Private Outdoor Pool w/ Kiva Fireplace
– Unlimited Access to all Mineral Pools, Mud Area, Steam & Sauna
– Bottle of Wine or Sparkling Cider w/Signature Ojo Glasses and Chocolate Truffles

With the creation of a new mud pool area, and lithia pool, Ojo is growing and adapting to a larger customer base, and more unique visitor, all the while keeping sustainability and history in mind to preserve its ancient energy. Ojo has been so kind as to provide Go for the Gusto with a giveaway of a 50 minute private pool, and entry to the springs for one lucky reader. Please comment below with why you would like to win this awesome giveaway! Winner will be chosen and emailed next Wednesday…good luck!


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37 thoughts on “A Visit to Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs & a Giveaway

  1. Skylar Hodgson says:

    I love Ojo and would love to soak my bones compliments of Gftg!

  2. Tyler says:

    One of my favorite places!

  3. Sarah says:

    I’ll always consider myself a New Mexican!
    After 15 years away, I’m slowly but surely relocating back. I’m beside myself getting to know my home state again and would love this trip to be part of the experience!

  4. CO says:

    I would relish having an Ojo getaway, especially now in the wintertime!

  5. ash says:

    I’ve lived here my whole life & have never treated myself to this amount lovely, lavish, yummy, body & soul treatment at Ojo. (Congrats Halley for being honored by receiving this gift so you may put it on your blog!!) However, not to be thinking for myself I’d like to put someone else’s name in the drawing for my comment. (If that is ok!?!) Someone who not only deserves this, but actually needs it to heal… Taylor Etchamendy. She is probably one of the most kind, giving, hard-working & caring people I know. She has done amazing things this year by opening a bilingual learning center in our community for the wee~ones. However, she has torn every ligament in her knee possible & even after surgery still hasn’t healed. She slipped the other day & only worsened her condition. She is on her feet constantly & works threw her pain with out ever being negative or complaining. She is also an avid skier & is unable to join us on the mountain this year. (Which any Taoseno knows that’s where we get our escape in during the winter months & keeps us grounded) I think this would be the perfect thing to lift her spirits & let the healing waters of Ojo work their magic! Spread the love! XO #teamtaylor 😉

  6. Sarah Lopez says:


  7. Dalton Carter says:

    Would love to experience the healing magic

  8. Kelsea Nixon says:

    I would love to win this, but who wouldnt? Awesome giveaway! Ty so much for the chance!

  9. Santana says:

    Being 7 months preggers with 2 outgoing boys, (one being a curious sweet one year old 😉 and a house hold to run, there is hardly any down time to myself. Not to mention much money floating around for a special treat such as this one. This seriously sounds like a dream.

  10. Anaalyciaq says:

    We LOVE ojo! After just having our precious baby, ojo sounds like the perfect first getaway.

  11. Jezamine Martin-Richmond says:

    Ojo Caliente is fabulous place! I would love the chance to get to go there again haven’t been in several years! Ty for the chance to win!! ❤

  12. Nicole Pacheco says:

    How awesome! We were just talking about Ojo and how we’ve heard so many positive things about other’s experiences. We would LOVE to win, as much as we love our family time, there is nothing like a getaway w your other half to reconnect!

  13. Marci Kipnis says:

    I love Ojo and ,oh boy, could I use a little getaway! Please pick me!?

  14. Jimmy Jones says:

    I would like to win it for my wife who works so hard for our family, she would love it and she deserves it.

  15. My husband and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary January 3. We would love to win this trip to Ojo to celebrate 10 years of staying together in love through financial stress, raising our 2 amazing girls, career changes for both of us, college graduations and 15 + moves. We never had a big wedding or honeymoon and so we would be honored to celebrate our 10th year of love at Ojo Caliente!

  16. Rebecca Iverson says:

    Ojo is one of the most absolutely beautiful, quiet, and inspiring places I have ever been. My visit there each year are cherished and so very healing. Everyone deserves me time/we time to reconnect and find ourselves again…Ojo is a majestic and magical place perfect for just that so that.

  17. Alyssa Atias says:

    Such a magical place! Would love to go there soon!

  18. Jill-ann says:

    Ojo Caliente is absolutely my favorite place to visit. I especially love it during the winter months. My mind, body and soul feel so rejuvenated and the waters make my body feel the energy working its magic. It’s been way too long since my last visit, and I would love, love to go this year. After having such a stressful past 2 years I would so appreciate it right now😃

  19. Darcy West says:

    my last visit with in late 1990’s…I would love to see the changes! And could definitely use some R&R!

  20. Sarah Hext says:

    What thrill it would be to win such an experience especially since I have traveled hwy 285 from Alpine, Texas to Creede, Colorado since 1975 passing this hot springs. My destination always prevented me from stopping to check out this place…my interest never waned, however, and now that I live in Creede, I have added this experience to my bucket list … financial problems, job responsibilities, family responsibilities have kept me from this dream experience.

  21. christi bo says:

    I have been blessed with watching Ojo grow and blossom over the past 40 years. I stayed there once so many years ago and would love to.enjoy a night in its new ambience and grace .

  22. Terri brown says:

    I could use a romantic break from the real world.

  23. Joe says:

    One of my favorite places in New Mexico, let alone the world 🙂 Ive tried the mineral pools and mud pool but never a massage or private outdoor pool. Im sure it would be an unforgettable experience. Thanks for the chance…at pure rejuvenation.

  24. Mary Menger says:

    I was just telling my son and his girlfriend about Ojo Caliente Hot Springs yesterday and how much fun it would be to drive down from Colorado to take them there !* They’ve never been to New Mexico or your magical hot springs! What are the infinite possibilities? : ) *!*!

  25. Gina says:

    It looks so beautiful! I miss Taos and all you crazy Taos kids. I would love to visit! My boyfriend is working in Virginia for the next 2 months and will be back around Valentine’s day and it is his birthday! It would be a perfect place for us to get to spend some time together 🙂

  26. kt.tayloe@gmail.com says:

    Have been so wanting to check this place out…sounds amazing!!

  27. Neen says:

    Ojo Love 🙂

  28. I need to get my tail to Ojo. This year has been such a mess so far and i’d love to have a opportunity to change my attitude and relax with my favorite person. I miss it the slower pace up in Taos.

  29. Krystal says:

    I recently was able to see what Ojo was all about back in November for my sisters birthday. It was my first time there and I have to say it was amazing!! I would love to have a chance to go again and get a much needed break to rejuvenate!

  30. Bruce Crone says:

    My wife and i haven’t had a vacation in 15 years due to our devotion to our 3 border collies. We don’t like leaving them alone over night but now have wonderful friends that said they would watch them for us. We are in our 60’s and would love a relaxing day to enjoy with no responsibilities and worries, Ojo is the best place ever.

  31. scarlet henry says:

    Ohhh Boy would this be grate!!!!!! we have a 2.5 year old and are just now starting to be able to have some alone time.This would be a wonderful treat.

  32. Georgia Whitson says:

    My husband and I got married 2 years ago and have not been on a honeymoon, much less a vacation together in the last 10 years we have been together. It would be a nice treat. Thanks!!

  33. Dianna Sakai says:

    Yes, Ojo! Just what I need after recovering from my surgery!!

  34. Nancy says:

    Can’t wait to go back and have another 12 person wrap!

  35. Victoria Romejko says:

    #teamtaylor 🙂 ❤

  36. Tera Halloran says:

    Good ‘ole natural healing~ yes plz
    Ps~ will u watch the baby if I win!?!

  37. Alex Kayir says:

    I’ve never been but heard it’s amazing. My fave in CO is Strawberry Park hot springs. I’d love to experience what NM has to offer! Great for ski-hab:)

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