Luxe or Less:The Black Bag

envelopeclutchfinalhalley  luxlessbucketfinal halleyfringefinal halley

Faux Leather Envelope Clutch-Danielle // Antigonia Envelope Clutch-Givenchy // Vintage Leather bucket Bag-Motel // Diego Bucket Bag-Alexander Wang // Boho Fringed Shoulder Bag-LP Blue // Daisy Leather Fringe Crossbody-Linea Pelle


Ultimate must-have accessory…the black bag. Every woman needs one, or two.  From nights out, to everyday errands, to the occasional music festival, an envelope/bucket/ crossbody, will more than cover all of the bases. Above I’ve listed a few of my favorite picks. Usually on Luxe vs. Less, you are paying the price difference for two main things-quality and material. In this case, you don’t have to compromise everything. Both bucket bags listed are made from real leather, and even though I’ve been lusting for the Diego bag (you are paying for detail and designer name), will save $775 by going with the Motel option. Both fringe bags are actually made by the same designer, Linea Pelle. She has created a lower price point line for Nordstrom (LP Blue) so you know that even though it may not be leather, the craftsmanship and quality are awesome. I can’t tell the difference…can you?

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One thought on “Luxe or Less:The Black Bag

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