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Show Your Straps

brazziersfinalfinal ha perfectionStripe B Bra-VPL // Longline Bondage Bralette-For Love and Lemons // Belle de Nuit Bra-Fleur of England // Halter Neck Bra-Sass and Bide // Cutout Soft Cup Bra (Mesh)-Lonely Hearts // Insertion Bra-VPL //Love You Knot Bra-For Love and Lemons // Insertion Bra-VPL // Sabel Cut Out Bra-Lonely // Peek-A-Boo Bra-Hanky Panky After Midnight // Cutout Soft Cup Bra (Velvet)-Lonely Hearts // Papillon Bra-For Love and Lemons


Lingerie/skivvies/knickers, call them what you want, but they aren’t just for wearing-under these days. In fact its just the opposite. Im loving bras as an accessory, a statement of sexuality and femininity. A garment that “shouldn’t be seen” morphed into a look that women on the streets and runways alike have been owning. The point of lingerie is to make the wearer feel sexy, and showing that off in a not-so-secret way looks sexy. I cant get enough of For Love and Lemons new lingerie line (as seen in this post) and cant stop wearing the “Love You Knot” bra especially under a dress or top that shows off its lines. (I don’t think its a coincidence that a “Just Jared” ad apppeared on my side bar as I searched for these images) Switch it up a bit, and don’t be shy, show your straps!

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Valentines Day Gift Guide

VDAY FINAL Naughty Picture Viewer-Image 3D // Pink and Red Le Pen-Marvy Uchida //  Cest la Vie Notebook-Smythson // XO Stud Earrings-Emily E Jewelry // Loved Ring-Catbird // Love Heart Keyring-Smythson // Footsies Cashmere Socks-Golightly Cashmere // Sugar Lip Treatment-Fresh // Macarons-Danas Bakery // Absolute Rose Candle-Malin and Goetz // Amore Hair Tie Set-Mane Message // “I Heart You” Thong-Hanky Panky // Cat Nap Kit-Charlotte Olympia


A few Valentines gift ideas, plenty of time in advance. Even though you may be gifting these to your gal, many of these are win-wins for the guy as well (naughty view finder/thong), and are really just great couples gifts. How about skipping the cliche chocolate this year, and pick up a box of macarons instead. Most macarons are gluten-free, and your girl will love that you thought outside the box. Girly items to pamper her, such as the Cat Nap Kit, “Absolute Rose” candle, and cashmere socks are sweet things she’ll love. The Fresh Sugar Lip treatments are my fave. They soften lips with luscious botanicals (makeout session hello) and comes in 5 great shades that lend themselves to this day dedicated to love.

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D.I.Y. Recycled Crystal Bullet Necklace




Scattered cartridges are often a symbol of great suffering, casualties, hatred, and war. Crystals, being quite the opposite, have been used for centuries as a tool with extensive healing powers, symbolic in bringing harmony and balance. I intentionally brought these two iconic pieces together to create a wearable dichotomy. In this recycled necklace, natural elements and man-made creations are united, bringing congruity to discrepancy. Depending on the crystal you use, this D.I.Y. is almost free. I gathered discarded bullet shells at a local shooting spot (free), and the most expensive crystal (green tourmaline) was $7. Similar necklaces retail for upwards up $330 here.


Bullet Shells
Crystal Points (fitted to each bullet shell)
Dremel Drill w/ 1-2 mm Drill Bit
Round Nose Pliers
Head Pins
Thin Cloth
Hot Glue Gun

***Metal File-optional


Collect recycled shells, and take them to a mineral store where you can fit each crystal to its respective shell. Make sure it is a tight fit, to where you almost wouldn’t need to glue it (Tip: if there is a rough or fat edge, use a metal file to shape it to your liking). I ended up purchasing, clear quartz, Tibetan quartz, and green tourmaline. There are two methods for attaching a chain 1)Two holes through the top of the shell or 2)One hole through the primer of the bullet, with attached and looped head pin. They both take the same amount of time, so it just depends on how you want it to look/hang on a chain… I did a few of both. Using a cloth to wrap around the shell before clamping with a wrench is important, so you dont scratch the shells in the drilling process. Drill two holes through opposite sides of the top of the shell (shown in picture #1). Drill one hole directly through the top of the primer for looped attachments. For looped attachments; thread head pin through the casing of the bullet up through the hole in the primer. Using round nose pliers, grasp the end of the head pin, and roll down tightening into a circular loop (shown in picture #4). Heat the glue gun. ***For double drilled attachment, make sure to roll a small piece of paper and install through both holes before gluing, this will insure the glue doesnt block where the chain will run through. Have the crystal ready, and dispense a small amount of glue up into the casing (make sure there wont be excess when the crystal is pushed in). Immediately insert crystal, wipe any extra glue. The hot glue not only secures the crystal, but also the loop attachment. Hang on a chain or even charm bracelet of your liking…would also be cool layered with other charms/feathers etc.

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Chromeo & Toro y Moi Collabo



A collabo between two faves…Chromeo and Toro y Moi. Need I say more? Its not yet available on Spotify, so listen here. Chromeo’s highly anticipated album entitled “White Women” expected to drop in the next couple months, listen to both singles here

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Luxe or Less:The Black Bag

envelopeclutchfinalhalley  luxlessbucketfinal halleyfringefinal halley

Faux Leather Envelope Clutch-Danielle // Antigonia Envelope Clutch-Givenchy // Vintage Leather bucket Bag-Motel // Diego Bucket Bag-Alexander Wang // Boho Fringed Shoulder Bag-LP Blue // Daisy Leather Fringe Crossbody-Linea Pelle


Ultimate must-have accessory…the black bag. Every woman needs one, or two.  From nights out, to everyday errands, to the occasional music festival, an envelope/bucket/ crossbody, will more than cover all of the bases. Above I’ve listed a few of my favorite picks. Usually on Luxe vs. Less, you are paying the price difference for two main things-quality and material. In this case, you don’t have to compromise everything. Both bucket bags listed are made from real leather, and even though I’ve been lusting for the Diego bag (you are paying for detail and designer name), will save $775 by going with the Motel option. Both fringe bags are actually made by the same designer, Linea Pelle. She has created a lower price point line for Nordstrom (LP Blue) so you know that even though it may not be leather, the craftsmanship and quality are awesome. I can’t tell the difference…can you?

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131108c413127a82afa950c6f13ee1addf7886502345714 Zady080613_0261images


If Im going to survive the winter, I am going to be needing one of these hats. You can choose your style, colors, and fur pom type here. This is happening. Its too cold, and Im currently Googling beach vacations…

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