Giveaway: Native Bear Hand-Stamped Notebooks

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Okay, how cool is Native Bear’s stuff??? Native Bear is a design company based out of Atlanta, GA created and operated by Leela Robinson (also lovingly nicknamed, ‘Bear’). All NB designs are inspired by natural elements and the desire to instill harmony and elegance throughout the home and everyday life. All stationery is made using recyclable card stock and kraft paper envelopes, and block printed using water based inks. I was initially attracted to her amazing hand carved return address stamps (like the teepee one listed above), but found out she uses her original designs to stamp cards, stationary, and notebooks as well. Most are Southwestern in influence, and all are beautiful. We are giving away two of her hand stamped Moleskine notebooks today. Please comment to enter, and make sure you check out her Facebook, and follow her on Instagram: nativebearatl Thanks Leela!!!

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12 thoughts on “Giveaway: Native Bear Hand-Stamped Notebooks

  1. ash says:

    You know how much I adore sending snail mail! ❤ Please, I love these! They are perfect for my long-distant "I ❤ U's"

  2. ash says:

    Plus they will be stamped from “Taos” which is perfect for these cards! ❤

  3. cora says:

    This could easily replace my nondescript notepad (ahem, legal-pad) for work ideas! This spiced-up notebook will capture my bedside inspirations AND find its way from my pillow to my work space and weekly meetings =)

  4. Skylar Hodgson says:

    These are gorgeous. I love her style. Already found her on fb and cannot wait to get my hands on some!!! Xoxo

  5. David Bebout says:

    You can’t beat a handy notebook.

  6. Victoria L Tucker says:

    These are so beautiful! I love the return address teepee stamp.

  7. channynn says:

    This is totally my brother’s aesthetic, he’d flip for these!

  8. channynn says:

    My brother would really, really, like these. Thanks for sharing this artist.

  9. stephcia says:

    I always have a moleskin in my pocket to my write down my inspirations and ideas. These would be do the trick (and their funky too)

  10. foodchanel says:

    Thank you all for entering! Winners have been notified via email 🙂 Thanks for reading, and GO FOR THE GUSTO!

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