Whats Your Angle?

1-chinti2:34-mtns earringcoriumi-567

Meets Patternity Sweater-Chinti and Parker, Triangle Sweater & Pants-Chinti and Parker, Mountain Post Earrings-The Angry Weather, Leather Clutch-Coriumi, Triangle Clutch-Givenchy, Pyramid Bag-Slow and Steady Wins the Race, Triangle Bra-T by Alexander Wang


If you couldnt already tell, I tend to lean toward geometric patterns, triangles in particular, and monochromatic tones. A few warm items from Chinti and Parker, and some fun Etsy finds that are on my Christmas list. My favorite is the handmade clutch from Coriumi, neutral but eye catching, with a hint of metallic leather.

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4 thoughts on “Whats Your Angle?

  1. Jezamine Martin-Richmond says:

    I love the dress!!! So cute!!!!! Also really like the clutch!

  2. Iveth says:

    Ah, awesome finds! yeah, the clutch is pretty cool 🙂 Thanks for included my mountain earrings, Halley!

  3. cool for 2 and 3,,I like it to much.thanks share.

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