Giveaway: Turquoise Spike Earrings


Turquoise Spike Earrings-Metrix Jewelry


Today were doing our second giveaway from Metrix Jewelry (you may remember this awesome triangle bracelet giveaway), a small Etsy shop run by Lisa. Everything is designed and handmade by her in Queens, New York. These handcrafted turquoise earrings are perfect everyday wear but edgy enough for a night on the town. Five turquoise spike beads are strung on large sterling silver hoops. I’d call them both bohemian and sophisticated statement pieces. This surprise Wednesday giveaway is kicking off our holiday giveaway season! Stay tuned for many more awesome handcrafted items to give and keep. Use the code NOVEMBER and take 20% off everything from Metrix Jewelry through the end of the month. To enter, just comment below!

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27 thoughts on “Giveaway: Turquoise Spike Earrings

  1. Kellyzane says:

    oooooohhhhh Love these! So cute, Halley!

  2. LeeAnna Rachael Navidad Montoya says:

    More beautiful jewelry giveaways!!! I love that your blog promotes Etsy… And thank you for sharing some food recipes lately❤❤

  3. Maggie Brannigan says:

    Halley, I love these! They are absolutely gorgeous! I need more turquoise in my life 🙂

  4. Chelsey Callan says:

    Second times a charm! 😉 lol I NEED these!!

  5. Brooke says:

    These are beautiful and fun! I love the marbling on each piece.

  6. Skylar Hodgson says:

    OOoh I like these! I think they’d look marvelous on my ears. 😉 really- beautiful work Metrix Jewelry! And good taste, Halley.

  7. These are gorgeous. I love turquoise!

  8. Madison says:

    These are adorable! Ever since I cut my hair i have been digging hoop ear rings.

  9. meg says:

    Oooo sooo pretty! I want these so bad! Big funky earrings are my favorite!

  10. Iris Leahy says:

    Love them!!

  11. alexandra moriah says:

    I want!!!! Those are kick ass! I need some more turquoise in my life

  12. Jen g says:

    I need these!!!

  13. ChynaRose says:

    So beautiful!

  14. lindsay says:

    These are amazing! I’d love them to be in my life 🙂

  15. these are so cool! i love that color! thanks for the giveaway!

  16. Julie L says:

    I love those! They’d add the perfect bit of edgy glam to any outfit!

  17. Debbie Jackson says:

    I adore these

  18. Kate M says:

    Love those!! xo

  19. Iris Leahy says:

    I love these!! I would love to carry them in our store… Simple elegance.

  20. Jaclyn Szerdi says:

    these a beautiful!!

  21. Kylee says:

    So cute, Halley!! They would also distract beautifully away from my
    Minnie Mouse ears 😉

  22. Marci Kipnis says:

    These are beautiful! Me, pick me!?

  23. Ale says:

    I’m in love!

  24. foodchanel says:

    Thank you all for participating!!! The winner has been notified via email

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