D.I.Y.: Green Tea & Lavender Facial Toner




Ever since I can remember, I was in the yard mixing together “potions.” Finding whatever happened to be growing on our property, wild mint, grass, sweet pea flowers, laurel leaves, grinding them together adding a liquid of some sort, and bottling them. I spent a great deal of time as a kid doing these sort of things, and here I am today, still doing them. Its easier than you think to make your own scrubs (essential oils/sugar/olive oil), bath salts (essential oils, epsom salts, dried flowers) and any sort of bath product imaginable. Making your own products is fun, and you know what is going into them so you can steer clear of icky additives like sulfates, and preservatives found in store bought products. Plus its cost effective, and great for gift giving!


Loose Green Tea (1/2 cup) ***I used a green tea & flower mix someone made me
Lavender Essential Oil (36 drops) ***My favorite is Young Living brand
Boiling Water (2 cups)
Three Glass Bottles w/ Spray Attachment ***I got these at my local herb store


Boil Water, add to green tea in a large bowl. Let steep for three minutes. Strain, put in the fridge to cool. While tea is cooling, create labels (I used different insect printed labels from Anthropologie, similar here). Shake 12 drops of lavender into each bottle. Funnel cooled tea into each bottle until liquid level reaches the neck. Screw on tops, and attach labels. Keep one for yourself and give the rest away!

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2 thoughts on “D.I.Y.: Green Tea & Lavender Facial Toner

  1. Ale says:

    I’m super impressed with how well the toner works.

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