Baja Highlights

Fragrant plumeria
Entrance to our room
More tropical flowers
Fields of aloe vera (useful after a day in the sun!)
The digs
Ty catching a wave

Pina coladas


Watermelon-lime-tequila granita
Beach picnic

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Our stay in the “Secret Garden Palapa” was nothing short of perfect. Laying out, walking to the beach, surfing, cooking, waking up to the sunrise over the ocean out our window, watching the sun dip down at sunset, cheersing with tequila and limes we picked off the trees growing on the property, are just a few of the highlights. From previous trips, I remembered Cabo’s landscape as dry desert dotted with saguaros. This time, there had been more rain than usual over the past year, and the landscape had developed into a more Carribean-like Cabo. Our palapa was set up in the hills, amongst the most beautiful garden I have ever witnessed. Palms, plumerias, aloe, lime trees, herbs, ferns, and every succulent you can imagine were our hosts. Our surroundings were so lush and awe inspiring that we rarely wanted to leave, only venturing out for a couple of day surf trips, and one crazy Cabo bar hopping night. We cooked almost every meal in our kitchen and stocked up on beers, tequila, and drink fixings at the Mega-super. It wouldnt have been a complete Mexico trip without plenty of bebidas. We concocted pina coladas, and blended together fresh watermelon, lime juice, tequila, and froze for granita. Although Isla Mujeres and the Caribbean side of Mexico is usually our family’s favorite, I will definitely be visiting this secret garden next time we plan a south of the border adventure.

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