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Black Friday Giveaway: Dodds and Boshae



Happy Black Friday… We are giving away one “Simp” bracelet from the lovely ladies over at Dodds and Boshae, and you get to pick the color! Just comment to enter. Handmade with love in Santa Barbara, Dodds and Boshae’s jewelry is simple yet elegant. Drawing on bohemian style, this line exemplifies the laid back Cali vibe. Check out more faves like the arrowhead artifact necklace, and sweet leather cuffs like this one. Get in the gifting mood today and save 15% off ANYTHING in the store with the custom Go for the Gusto readers code: gusto15

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Giveaway: Talon Rings

il_570xN.473694559_pzcc il_570xN-1.492939445_egd0giveaway3


Todays giveaway is for two talon rings from Hysteric Co, one gold, and one silver. Slightly sinister and majorly badass, the talon ring grasps for its life around your pretty little finger. These rings are dainty (a size four) and are meant to be worn above the knuckle. I wore mine out last night and got a ton of compliments. The perfect gift for your rebel girlfriend, or anyone who loves statement pieces. Just comment on this post to enter! Hysteric Co has a ton of cute gifting items for the accessory lover on your Christmas list, follow them on Insta and Facebook.

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5 Days of Giveaways



In light of the holiday giving season that is upon us, Go for the Gusto is holding five days of giveaways, starting tomorrow! There’s something for everyone; the writer, jewelry collector, and cozy enthusiast. All items are from boutique stores, and most are handmade artisan crafts that support small businesses. Make sure to check back everyday and comment with your email…it’s that easy.

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Whats Your Angle?

1-chinti2:34-mtns earringcoriumi-567

Meets Patternity Sweater-Chinti and Parker, Triangle Sweater & Pants-Chinti and Parker, Mountain Post Earrings-The Angry Weather, Leather Clutch-Coriumi, Triangle Clutch-Givenchy, Pyramid Bag-Slow and Steady Wins the Race, Triangle Bra-T by Alexander Wang


If you couldnt already tell, I tend to lean toward geometric patterns, triangles in particular, and monochromatic tones. A few warm items from Chinti and Parker, and some fun Etsy finds that are on my Christmas list. My favorite is the handmade clutch from Coriumi, neutral but eye catching, with a hint of metallic leather.

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Sagittarius Season



On Thursday, the sun entered Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the most mature, but also the most restless and expansive of the fire signs. With Jupiter as its ruling planet, Sagittarius is always seeking the bigger picture, the meaning of life, greater wisdom, more knowledge, more adventures into the unknown, and more experiences. It is the journey itself, rather than the goal, which is important for this sign. Sagittarius refuses to be trapped either physically or intellectually. As soon as something threatens to become mundane or routine, they’re off to the next thing, chasing the horizon which holds fascinating future possibilities for something even more meaningful. They’re prone to sudden illuminating flashes of insight and bursts of enthusiasm. Like fire itself, they can flare up when inspired, exemplifying their passion for life. Happy Birthday to all of my fellow Sagittarians!!!

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Giveaway: Turquoise Spike Earrings


Turquoise Spike Earrings-Metrix Jewelry


Today were doing our second giveaway from Metrix Jewelry (you may remember this awesome triangle bracelet giveaway), a small Etsy shop run by Lisa. Everything is designed and handmade by her in Queens, New York. These handcrafted turquoise earrings are perfect everyday wear but edgy enough for a night on the town. Five turquoise spike beads are strung on large sterling silver hoops. I’d call them both bohemian and sophisticated statement pieces. This surprise Wednesday giveaway is kicking off our holiday giveaway season! Stay tuned for many more awesome handcrafted items to give and keep. Use the code NOVEMBER and take 20% off everything from Metrix Jewelry through the end of the month. To enter, just comment below!

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Color Study: Ink

ink              nars2                       Calamity Rei Bag-Marc by Marc Jacobs, Halee Bomber-Acne, Rockstud Leather Bracelet-Valentino, Lace-Up Boots-Yes Style, Blue Satin Nail Color-Chanel, Stella Track Pant-By Chance, Kamchatka Matte Eye Shadow-Nars


There’s not much that’s sexier than a deep midnight blue. The tonal navy is both mysterious and simple, as it is inherently neutral. Play up its versatility and pair with prints, and bright colors, or layer with similar ink tones for a more stark appearance. Nar’s Fall 2013 palette includes this sultry matte shadow thats all sophistication, and none of the brash 80’s blue. Wet and use with a thin brush for liner, or blend into your crease for a smoky blue night look. No matter what vehicle you choose, wearing this classic color is never a bad idea.

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Baja Highlights

Fragrant plumeria
Entrance to our room
More tropical flowers
Fields of aloe vera (useful after a day in the sun!)
The digs
Ty catching a wave

Pina coladas

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