PINspiration: Home

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Mountains Print-inhauspress, Deer Head-White Faux Taxidermy, Printed Pillows-Bark Decor, Vintage Gold Flatware, Creative Wood Walls, Belle Jar Lamp-The Grommet, DIY Eat Sign


I’ll have to admit, I was a bit turned off by Pinterest at first. It seemed like it was all rainbow layered cake in a mason jar, smores stuffed inside a chocolate chip cookie, and the occasional “outift inspo” mess on one page. After a few more tries, I realized I was using it wrong. The pins that were being displayed to me were generic eye catching images meant to lure in the bored office employee in that 2 pm “I’ve hit a wall” period. Upon closer investigation, and a smidge more effort, I discovered a creative community used as a marketing tool by saavy artisans. I found a few cool DIY’s and a ton of awesome wares from small business owners, usually linked to their Etsy page. Above are a few of my favorite finds that Ive now pinned to my home inspiration board…and now have a “pin” button on every post on this blog.

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