Lord Huron and alt-J

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On my last of the three-in-one-month Denver trips, I was lucky enough to be invited day of, to the sold out Lord Huron and alt-J show. My friend Ty was shooting them for Listen Up Denver, so I jumped at the opportunity. Having seen alt-J at Coachella, but never Lord Huron I was stoked to say the least hoping “Time to Run” and my favorite, “She Lit a Fire” were on their set list. Lord Huron opened the show amidst a sunset backdrop silhouetted with dark mountains, setting the stage for their dreamy folk rhythms. Both of my song wishes were included, and the band’s joyous energy was seamlessly translated to the crowd. When lead singer Ben Schneider tripped over a power cord and kept playing, the crowd and band shared in a roar of laughter and smiles, a perfect example of the communal performer/audience experience that this show particularly encompassed. I was already satisfied when Lord Huron exited the stage and made way for the main act. alt-J came on to a sufficiently warmed up crowd, playing every song, (having only one album under their belt) stopping only intermittently during “Something Good” to let the crowd participate and scream out “Get high” on each chorus.

Read Ty’s take here, and check out his photography page here to see more amazing photos of live music in Colorado including Local Natives, Buddy Guy, Father John Misty and more

Listen: She Lit a Fire-Lord Huron

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