1) Fleece Lined Thigh Highs-Plush 2)Everyday Tank-Rebecca Taylor 3)The Moto Sweatpants-Current Elliot 4)Fleece Lined Arm Warmers-Plush 5)Australian Sheepskin Rug-Overland 6)Arugula Soy Candle-Archipelago 7)Cutout Soft Cup Bra-Lonely Hearts 8)Dark Wave Fragrance-Olo


On a day to day basis, and in anything I do, I strive to be cozy. Seriously. Cozy to me is comfortable, warm, and happy. If this means that I have to pack (and schlep) an extra bag of clothes to change into, or a sweater to throw over an outfit for warmth, I’ll most definitely do it. I mean, if you’re comfortable, you’re happier and more productive, hence my addiction to cozy loungewear. I probably spend more on comfy lounge clothes than actual clothes, you can ask my roommates. I dont think I bought a pair of jeans for three years, just survived on some sort of stretchy black bottoms that maybe included a zipper detail to make them look alot less like pajamas when I threw on platforms and wore them to the bar. Since today is officially the second day of fall, and in honor of my addiction, I’ve compiled a few of my ideal comfy items. I love these fleece lined thigh highs (that double as boot socks), and arm warmers by Plush…plus they are a great price point. My most favorite candle, Arugula by Archipelago, its fresh, unobtrusive, and made of soy so its clean burning. Home by Stone Cold Fox, satiates my need for elegant yet comfy bedding and is both simple and feminine.

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