The Art of Gifting



Gift giving has evolved over the years into something it shouldn’t be. People expect and demand gifts, and it seems the bigger, more expensive, and professionally wrapped gift had become the standard. I love giving gifts, and especially love wrapping them, but when it comes to Christmas craziness of people getting injured when shopping, to black friday, and now cyber monday…its become too much. Gifts are supposed to represent a feeling or symbolize something, and I honestly believe that cost doesn’t matter, its the thought that truly counts. I have become meticulous when it comes to gift giving, especially when it comes to personalization. Any small hint of something a loved one wants or needs is immediately noted. The story of my co-worker at Anthropologie’s engagement was the start to one of my ideas. Taryn and her now husband John Michael , had planned to fly to Paris on a standby pass, and little did she know he had brought a ring with him. On the first leg of the trip, the flight to New York, he proposed to her infront of everyone on the plane. Well, the second leg of the trip didnt go as planned, they couldnt get a flight to Paris. Now if you know Taryn, she is the definition of a Francofile. Always impeccably dressed, her day to day wardrobe consists of striped tops, pencil skirts, red lips, and a perfectly crafted bun. Taryn had never been to Paris and I knew it was a dissapointment when they couldn’t make it all the way. I was so inspired by all the the love locks on the Seine river in Paris, and was especially impressed by the engraved ones. It seemed that these took a bit more time and effort and really stood out amongst the sea of other painted or drawn on locks. For Tayrn and John Michaels wedding gift I wanted to give them something special, something from my heart, and something that represented them as a newly married couple. I knew having a lock engraved for them would be perfect. When they do make it to Paris, they can lock their love to one of the bridges near the Seine. Cheers to the happy couple!!!

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