DIY: Stud Earring Frame

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I’ve never been a dangle-y earring type of girl, usually leave the statement pieces to the stacks on my wrists, and opt for simpler ear studs. I love collecting stud earrings from everywhere I travel and mixing and matching them into funky combinations (see arrowhead stud from 2011’s Grand Canyon road trip). This usually leaves me with a box of unorganized studs and earring backs. In the aftermath of post-moving closet disfunction, came gradual recallibration. I wanted an efficient way to organize the mess, making it easier for me to see and decide on everyday ear adornment. I found some copper screen in the garage, and low and behold we had a staple gun. I sought out a simple wooden frame to tack the screen to. The one that I chose was five dollars (contrary to the usual; pick something and its the most expensive thing in the store, syndrome) so I left feeling accomplished. This project took a total of 15 minutes and has significantly enhanced my morning ear swag routine.

Small picture frame of your choice
Screen (I opted for copper)
Staple Gun
Wire cutters

Remove glass and backing from frame. Measure and cut screen making sure it’s 1/2 inch from the outside edge of the back of the frame. On the back of the frame, hold screen firmly in place starting in one corner, moving along the edges stapling and stretching the opposite side of the screen as you go. I stapled about every half inch or so. Complete all sides, and organize studs as you please!

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2 thoughts on “DIY: Stud Earring Frame

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