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Giveaway: Winsome & Green



An amazing Etsy find, Winsome & Green, is a “One woman bath and and beauty works operation.” Christa’s store caught my eye with her lovely natural products that include essential oils, botanicals, and infused oils, and her simple but beautiful packaging. I immediately thought any Winsome & Green item would be a perfect gift (especially the survival kits!).  Christa says that she “Can’t help but be inspired by the world around me. My family lives on the edge of the forest in a sleepy town in Kentucky. Plants, trees, bird songs and woodland scents keep me in touch with nature and history.” We are giving away both a personal care kit (which includes meadow blend deodorant, peppermint and spice tooth powder, and lemongrass soap sticks) , and a set of 3 lip scrubs (shown above). To enter: like Winsome & Green’s facebook page here, and leave your email in the comment section in this post.  Be sure to check out Winsome & Green’s lovely Etsy store here.

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Lounge Playlist


A few tunes to play when you just want to chill out. Perfect for bath time, tea time, you time. Pair with loungewear featured in the last two posts for ultimate relaxation. Play full list and follow on Spotify here.

TV On The Radio~Million Miles
xxyyxx~About You
Toro Y Moi~High Living
Heavenly Beat~Lust
J.J. Cale~Crazy Mama
Gramatik~Muy Tranquilo
Desire~Under Your Spell
The xx~Tides
Kings Of Leon~Wait for Me
Escondido~Chase the Moon

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Things We Love


Monochromatic, lace-up, fringed goodness, the leaked Isabel Marant for H&M is it. A few choice pieces in the form of two outfits from the much anticipated fall collection. The white tee with rolled up sleeve detail, and the cuffed lounge pants are on the top of my list (see yesterdays post). Oh yeah, Lou Doillon isn’t too bad either.


Listen: Devil or Angel-Lou Doillon

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1) Fleece Lined Thigh Highs-Plush 2)Everyday Tank-Rebecca Taylor 3)The Moto Sweatpants-Current Elliot 4)Fleece Lined Arm Warmers-Plush 5)Australian Sheepskin Rug-Overland 6)Arugula Soy Candle-Archipelago 7)Cutout Soft Cup Bra-Lonely Hearts 8)Dark Wave Fragrance-Olo


On a day to day basis, and in anything I do, I strive to be cozy. Seriously. Cozy to me is comfortable, warm, and happy. If this means that I have to pack (and schlep) an extra bag of clothes to change into, or a sweater to throw over an outfit for warmth, I’ll most definitely do it. I mean, if you’re comfortable, you’re happier and more productive, hence my addiction to cozy loungewear. I probably spend more on comfy lounge clothes than actual clothes, you can ask my roommates. I dont think I bought a pair of jeans for three years, just survived on some sort of stretchy black bottoms that maybe included a zipper detail to make them look alot less like pajamas when I threw on platforms and wore them to the bar. Since today is officially the second day of fall, and in honor of my addiction, I’ve compiled a few of my ideal comfy items. I love these fleece lined thigh highs (that double as boot socks), and arm warmers by Plush…plus they are a great price point. My most favorite candle, Arugula by Archipelago, its fresh, unobtrusive, and made of soy so its clean burning. Home by Stone Cold Fox, satiates my need for elegant yet comfy bedding and is both simple and feminine.

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DIY: Indoor Succulent Hanger and Terrarium

DSC03653 tumblr_lqrzrtCEKV1qmu1fj DSC03661 tumblr_lqrzyzcFdp1qmu1fj DSC03656 tumblr_lqs001U49G1qmu1fj

An older project that is just too good not to share on Go for the Gusto. I love the idea of indoor plants contributing fresh air and creating a relaxing environment in the home. Now that we are getting into the colder weather (first snow last night in Taos Ski Valley!) and the greenery around us is fading fast, why not create your own foliage filled room. I love my hanging succulents, they add a bit of whimsy to any room, and are completely low maintenance…like water once a week. (p.s. this entire project costs only 30 dollars!)


Assorted Succulents (about 8)
Soil (4 cups)
Smooth Gravel (2 cups)
Mason Jars (4)
Shallow Glass Terrarium Bowl
Bailing Wire
Dowel (3/4 inch)
Needle Nose Pliers
Tea Cup Hanging Hooks (3)


For the hanger, fashion four loops of bailing wire around the bottom of the lip of a mason jar, using the needle nose pliers to create a secure closure. Measure eight wires to attach to the mason jar loops, attach using the pliers in the same way as the loop closure. Twist and loop each of the eight wires around dowel, so the jars are suspended evenly from the dowel.

Fill both mason jars and bowl with about 1 inch of gravel, then layer 1 inch of soil on top of that. Remove succulents from cups and gently loosen roots. Add one succulent to each jar, and four spaced out in the terrarium. Cover with 1-2 more inches of soil, until succulents are secure. Twist screw part of hook hangers into the ceiling where you would like your hanger to be (make sure they are evenly spaced, one hook to support the middle) facing hook side toward you. Place dowel with succulents onto the hooks and enjoy your new indoor plants!

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Giveaway: Golden Designs

wine me IMG_7862 IMG_7895IMG_7901 IMG_7903

Todays giveaway is this beautiful lightweight infinity scarf from Stacey Golden Designs, perfect for the fall weather that is quickly approaching. Handcrafted in Colorado, Stacey Golden designs do amazing tie dye work, and refuse to fit the mold. We love the creative, free-spirited style that these ladies infuse into their garments, even creating their own iconic “sun stripe” dye pattern. We also love local, handmade, artisan quality goods, and this company is the definition of that. Double up this scarf, or triple it for added coziness. Comment below with your email to win! Winner will be notified by email. Make sure to check their website out here, and like their facebook page here.

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Moto Chic

Donegal Beanie-Alexander Wang, Peakin Cuff-The 2 Bandits, Soft Touch Eyeliner-Nars, Mirrored Aviators-Ray Ban, Bobby Dazzler Polish-Butter London, Pitch Leather Biker Jacket-All Saints, Hudson Moto Crossbody-Rebecca Minkoff, Ankle Boot-Anine Bing, Spiked Iphone Case-Felony Case, The Moto Skinny Jeans-Current Elliot

Strap on your boots ladies its that time of year, leather weather is upon us. Ive already swapped my shorts and tanks for skinny jeans, scarves, sweaters, and, LEATHER. I dont know what it is about the material, but putting on a leather jacket makes me feel like an automatic badass. Add some quilting and its even cooler. The thing about anything black and leather, is its versatility. It will never go out of style. Ever. Mix in some grays like this awesome Alexander Wang cashmere beanie (also a classic), a pair of moto skinnys, and youre ready to hit the town…or the road.

***Some pics of my amiga Ash on her road excursions…the embodiment of moto chic.

Listen: Reflektor-Arcade Fire

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Green Chile Rajas with Feta

IMG_7745IMG_7751IMG_7756IMG_7815IMG_7760IMG_7764 IMG_7768


The weather is cooling down, and the smell of roasted chile fills the New Mexico air. Green chile is plentiful this time of year, and I am brainstorming of all the ways our stockpile can be used. Besides the usual green chile sauce, we plan to make green chile vegetable soup, green chile vinaigrette, as well as tempura fried green chile. The term “rajas” refers to chile peppers in the form of a strip. This raja salad is a great appetizer, that uses minimal ingredients, and really highlights the pepper’s flavor. Green chile is bold in flavor, with slight hints of smokiness from the roasting, and caters to every taste bud when you select mild, medium, or hot depending on your dinner guests. The possiblities are endless really, we recently sampled green chile ice cream at Sweet Action in Denver!


Roasted Green Chile-3 large
Feta-1/4 cup
Olive Oil-1 tbsp


Start by prepping chiles: removing skin, seeds, and stems. Slice chiles lengthwise into strips. Cut baguette on an angle for toasts, arrange on a baking sheet, drizzle with olive oil. Toast in the oven at 300 for about 7 minutes per side. On a platter, arrange chiles into whatever formation you choose. I wound the rajas together in the middle, to show off the cool pattern on this plate. Sprinkle with feta, salt and pepper, drizzle with olive oil, and a squeeze of lime. Garnish with slices of lime, and serve with toasts.

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Color Study-Bottle Green

bottle green 1bottlegrnfinal
1)Billionaire Nail Polish-Deborah Lippmann 2)Skull Print Silk Scarf-Alexander McQueen 3)Fold Over Python Clutch-Primary   4)On the Green Motorcycle Jacket-Muubaa 5)Aleka Skinny Jean-Iro


Kermit the frog once said, “Its not that easy being green,”  and even though I love that little tune, I have to kindly disagree.   There are so many facets of the color, teal, sea, kelly, forest, army, emerald, celedon, olive etc.  Green is such a natural earthy hue that its hard not to recognize it in the fields, foliage, signs of growth, and call it divine. If I had to choose, green would be my answer to the age old favorite color question. Military green seemed to be last falls “it” color, but this season were seeing more and more of this beautiful bottle green. Bottle green is that in between of forest and emerald green, likened to its vintage green bottle counterparts. Im loving colored leather, and this Muubaa “bottle green” colored jacket is such a beautiful shade, it has inspired me to search for other similarly colored pieces. This shade adds interest to any outfit, but it would’t be a stretch to say a jacket, or clutch, this color would be a forever classic piece.

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The Art of Gifting



Gift giving has evolved over the years into something it shouldn’t be. People expect and demand gifts, and it seems the bigger, more expensive, and professionally wrapped gift had become the standard. I love giving gifts, and especially love wrapping them, but when it comes to Christmas craziness of people getting injured when shopping, to black friday, and now cyber monday…its become too much. Gifts are supposed to represent a feeling or symbolize something, and I honestly believe that cost doesn’t matter, its the thought that truly counts. I have become meticulous when it comes to gift giving, especially when it comes to personalization. Any small hint of something a loved one wants or needs is immediately noted. The story of my co-worker at Anthropologie’s engagement was the start to one of my ideas. Taryn and her now husband John Michael , had planned to fly to Paris on a standby pass, and little did she know he had brought a ring with him. On the first leg of the trip, the flight to New York, he proposed to her infront of everyone on the plane. Well, the second leg of the trip didnt go as planned, they couldnt get a flight to Paris. Now if you know Taryn, she is the definition of a Francofile. Always impeccably dressed, her day to day wardrobe consists of striped tops, pencil skirts, red lips, and a perfectly crafted bun. Taryn had never been to Paris and I knew it was a dissapointment when they couldn’t make it all the way. I was so inspired by all the the love locks on the Seine river in Paris, and was especially impressed by the engraved ones. It seemed that these took a bit more time and effort and really stood out amongst the sea of other painted or drawn on locks. For Tayrn and John Michaels wedding gift I wanted to give them something special, something from my heart, and something that represented them as a newly married couple. I knew having a lock engraved for them would be perfect. When they do make it to Paris, they can lock their love to one of the bridges near the Seine. Cheers to the happy couple!!!

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