Like A Rolling Stone

Catavina, Smal town in Baja California Mexico
the route2 likearollingstonefinaledit5565426_2495261_lz

Arches National Park abstract print here

Crochet Crop Top~Lauren Moffat,  Chrome Lighter~Zippo, Ankle Boots~Messeca, Dirty Solid Perfume~Lush Cosmetics, Lomography Camera~Novella+Diana, Double Slit Maxi Skirt~Ecote, Oversized Round Sunglasses~The Row x Linda Farrow, Black Satchel~Cambridge Satchel Company


So were off, following the above route, first stop Denver for a chill night, and the Poolside show tomorrow night. Then we’re on to Salt Lake for Empire of the Sun, and then camping in Arches. We may decide to stray a bit from the trail to visit Zion national Park, or Burning Man (if some tickets fall in our lap)?!? Above are a few key items Im packing for our trip. It’s tricky, because even though we will be camping, there are inevitably going to be nights (for the concerts mainly) that require more than yoga pants and sneakers. Maxi skirts are perfect, because they are easily dressed up or down, and can even act as a scarf on cold camp nights (I do this all the time!). Pair it with a crochet top and nicer pair of ankle boots. This way, you’re dressed up without having to bring heels, and still have key peices that are easily mixed and matched. An awesome satchel (that will last forever) can be brought to shows, or even on hikes. A Zippo for lighting the camp stove, travel candle, and camp fires. I thought this “Dirty” scented solid perfume was fitting, and easy to throw in your bag and roll on in a flash. Of course, coffee, a rad mixtape, and camera are absolutely necessary. Were even bringing our pup Speedo…so we’ve really got everything!

***Look out for a “Road Trip Mixtape” mañana!

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One thought on “Like A Rolling Stone

  1. […] forget to pack tons of water and of course some chocolate. Check out some more road trip fun here.  ***Thanks to my girl Sally for the rad picture edit […]

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