Giveaway: Ole Smoky Moonshine


Ole Smoky Moonshine’s Strawberry flavor


Our first giveaway! Made in Gatlinburg Tennessee, this strawberry moonshine is only sold at the distillery itself, and is not available in stores. To enter, leave a comment below, of a creative summer cocktail you would make with strawberry moonshine. Leave your email. One lucky winner will be chosen to receive this limited edition commemorative jar, and pour spout. Winner will be contacted via email…good luck!

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8 thoughts on “Giveaway: Ole Smoky Moonshine

  1. Lenore says:

    I would love a drink that used Strawberry Moonshine, with vanilla flavored simple syrup and a splash of soda – over ice.

  2. Chapelle Brunk says:

    Yumm! A little ice, some strawberry moonshine, a squeeze of lemon and some mint from the garden! Hope I win!

  3. Arielle says:

    I’d infuse it for a day with Lavender, then drink it over ice with a plash of tangerine and lemon 🙂

  4. craigmack13 says:

    Mash half a fresh peach in the bottom of a sentimental glass. Mix in 3 oz of moonshine. Add some lemon zest and ice cubes. Dilute accordingly with Aranciata Rossi Sanpellegrino.

  5. LeeAnna Rachael Navidad Montoya says:

    I would muddle fresh basil, add a splash of anise & honey liquor (or fennel simple syrup) and serve over ice!! Yumm… Hope I can try it<3

  6. Jaclyn Szerdi says:

    I’d make a summer lemonade out of it for a fresh drink by the pool. mix in some cranberry juice, whole berry cranberry sauce, fresh lime juice and 12 oz of frozen lemonade.. for more of a good time add in a splash of orange liqueur. #nom

  7. William bartsch says:

    I’d probley drink it straight but Mabey pour some in a watermelon and let it soak for a day or as long as I can stand to Waite it never seems to take long with the unflavored old smokey

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