L.A. Highlights

Awesome venue/salon/retail space, The Well in Downtown
Love me some UNIF

Vice Mag pop up gallery sponsored by Ole Smoky Moonshine
Chillin’ in Venice w/ Anna
The best shopping in LA…on Abbot Kinney
Coffee from Intelligentsia 
Fresh, raw, unpasteurized young coconut juice at Local 1205
One of my fave L.A. restaurants, A.O.C. in their new location, didn’t dissapoint
Dan cutting into his favorite burger (with good reason) at Rustic Canyon


Oh L.A., I probably spent a total of 10 hours on your freeways when I was there. But, your more admirable qualities include world class restaurants, featuring any type of cuisine you wish, amazing artistic and creative expression everywhere, and my new found love, KDay. Yes, a radio station that would make TuPac sit up in his grave(?), and a source of some weird kind of serenity on the highway.  I got to spend an afternoon with a friend on Abbot Kinney enjoying a couple of beverages, while visiting probably every retail establishment on the street. Intelligentsia coffee followed by a more hydrating coconut water from The Local 1205, were awesome (Im a beverag-oholic). Thanks to Anna for showing me that cool spot. Being the food-lover that I am, restaurants were something I was really looking forward to on this trip. Luckily many of my college friends are located in L.A., so I got to share a few memorable meals with them. A.O.C. a tapas style resturant that has been a staple in my Los Angeles restaurant repertoire (which has now moved to a new location), is sexy and sophisticated. The music selection kept the mood young and light, including tracks  by Tame Impala, Miike Snow, and some R+B classics. Dishes that stood out  the most were the romaine salad with harissa dressing, and tuna meatballs with marinara sauce, although catching up with girlfriends is what I savored the most. A final meal at Rustic Canyon, the sister restaurant of Huckleberry, was the icing on the cake. After taking a tour of their newlywed place, Caitlin and Dan called early, and they squeezed us in. So glad they could, because it was, lets just say, something to write home about. We ordered from the main menu, which was missing the famed burger that Dan was craving, so upon requesting it from our waitress, we were able to partake in the glorious dish. Five courses, two bottles of vino, and two desserts later, I was happy. Hopefully I will be seeing L.A. sooner than was previously anticipated…

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