Beach Jams Playlist



Beach jams can vary significantly depending on what type of mood you are in. For me, it’s usually one of two kinds, either a party on the beach/drink Mexican beer day, or a chill/read a book/drink Mexican beer day. This playlist is more on the chill side, with just a couple up beat songs thrown in (namely, the JT song) to keep things interesting. In general the songs on this playlist are nice background music, or if you choose, can be read into more deeply (i.e. the Wildlight song). In any case, you cant really go wrong with this playlist, it should appeal to most types in your beach clan!

1.The Pretty Things~She’s a Lover
2.Bombiino~Azamane Tiliade
4.Portugal. The Man~The Sun
5.Random Rab~Sunwater
6.MS MR~Fantasy
7.The Belle Game-River
8.Wildlight~Twirl Me
9.Justin Timberlake~Take Back the Night
10.Liars~The Exact Colour of Doubt
11.Bibio~Lovers’ Carvings

Follow the playlist on Spotify here

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