Mexican Cold-Brewed Coffee

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Lid-Cuppow, Stainless Steel Straw, Polka Dot Blouse-Isato, Bangle-Alex and Ani, Stylenomics nail color-Essie


Whats better than iced coffee on a hot summer day? A Mexican iced coffee with coffee ice cubes and vanilla hemp milk, thats what. A classic seasoning in Mexican cooking, “canela,” or cinnamon, lends a spicy flavor to refreshing iced coffee. This coffee is better tasting, and better for you. Why? Well, the cold brewed process does two things, preserves flavor (rather than pouring hot coffee over ice), and reduces acidity. Using the cold brew method reduces acid by 67% which is easier on your system, and helps your body remain in an alkaline state…this is muy bueno. The hemp milk is easier to digest, and adds a nutty, vanilla, creaminess to your coffee. Pre-made coffee ice cubes prevent the inevitable wateriness from traditional ice cubes. Having a jug of this in your fridge is easy to pour and go, saving you time and money, when you forego the usual $5 Starbucks stop. I love using this Cuppow lid, and stainless steel straw for my iced drinks. The Cuppow attaches to any regular mouth mason jar and immediately turns your mason jar into a portable, sustainable drink container.


Your favorite ground coffee-1 cup
Cinnamon-2 tsp
Cold filtered water-4 cups
Vanilla hemp milk
Amber agave syrup


Add coffee, cinnamon, and water to a glass container with lid, stir together. Seal container, stick in fridge, and let sit over night. In the morning, filter and strain liquid from grounds. Pour coffee, and add coffee cubes to your glass. Add agave syrup and hemp milk to taste, and enjoy your perfectly crafted summer beverage.

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