Santa Fe


Santa Fe Plaza

“Through the ruins of Santa Fe…”   Joplin Tank & Scrunch Skirt-Free People


A little shopping at Shiprock


Best walking booties and travel bag


Margs with refills


Pork Osso Buco at Coyote Cafe


Lil Bro jamming


Our Santa Fe trip, and family in a nutshell: margs, and music. We discovered (well they were new to me at least) a few new gems in the SF plaza area including Del Charro Saloon where the house margarita is served with its shaker counterpart, that hold in excess of one more drink. We visited Shiprock, a store famous for its historical and local artisan pieces including beautifully woven ancient Navajo rugs, and a room full of so much turquoise, you could spend and hour browsing, and there would be more to see. Its Dad’s favorite store, and he ended up adding to his Hopi overlay collection with a stunning silver kachina pin. The icing on the cake was getting to see my lil bro’s band Jupiter Spiral play for the first time. Psychadelic rock was the precursor for a low key afterparty with the band members and old friends. All in all a perfect short getaway with my three favorite boys.

Listen: Steely Dan-King of the World

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